Array Solar Powered Laptop Charging Backpack from Voltaic

After experiencing much success with making solar powered backpacks for charging mobile devices such as cameras, phones and tablets, Voltaic Systems is now placing its bet on making backpacks with built in solar chargers for laptops. The new backpack dubbed Array has a built in 10w solar charger capable of charging laptop computers thereby shifting emphasis that was previously preserved for smaller devices. At the same time, Voltaic has made it easier for consumers who already have solar powered backpacks for charging smaller devices but want to use them on laptops; they can choose to get a cheaper 10w laptop charger fuse designed to be strapped onto an existing rugged backpack. This development presents a milestone not only for the backpack maker but also consumers who like traveling to remote areas without electricity but wish to use their laptops.

The two systems contain three 3.4 watt solar panels and a 16000mAh, 60Whr-battery which provides power for charging your laptop computer regardless of being plugged in or not. Apart from charging your laptop, Array solar powered backpack can be used to power the included battery which can later be utilized for backup purposes; on top of that, you can also charge the included battery using AC power source. It’s estimated to take an average of 12hours when placed on direct sunlight to fully charge the battery and half the time using AC power; Voltaic estimates about 30 minutes of laptop power when the Array Backpack is placed on direct sunlight for 1hour. To make it even more compelling, the battery has two power outlets so you can use on different devices at the same time such as charging both your laptop and smart phone at the same time. The Array Solar powered backpack measures 18ichx14ichx8inch and weighs 5.5pounds; it can accommodate laptops with screen sizes of up to 17inches.

The 10w solar laptop charger fuse is designed to be attachable on technical backpacks, panniers and almost anything else courtesy of its flexible buckle and strap attachment system. It comes packed with 10w of solar power and 60w hour universal battery power to charge your mobile devices such as phones tablets, cameras and laptops anytime you. For those who intent to buy Array laptop solar charger, the front solar pocket is removable so you can attach it to any bag of your preference just like the 10w solar power laptop charger fuse.

Array Solar Laptop Charger Features/Specifications;

  • Three 3.4Watt solar panels, water proof, lightweight and built to withstand abuse
  • 10watts total peak output at 6 or 18 volts
  • 60watt hour capacity on universal battery
  • Universal battery Supports AC power charging
  • Universal battery fully charged by 12hours of direct sunlight
  • Battery capacity: 16000mAh, 60watt hour
  • Output: 5V/2A, 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A, 19V/3A

Array Solar Laptop Charger Price: $389


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