AVG Antivirus for Android Smart Phones and Tablets

Just like Microsoft Windows, Google’s Android operating system mainly used on Smart phones and tablets is gaining popularity with global recognition at tremendous rates than previously expected; this has led to development and emergence of countless applications that enhance your device. As much as there are genuine developers out there, some programming experts have shifted their knowledge to develop malicious software that compromise the security and normal functioning of your Android powered devices. AVG has developed what is considered as a solution to protect your device from malware and virus infections.

I strongly recommend using AVG antivirus to protect your Smart phone from malwares if you like downloading freeware applications to your Android device. It is obvious that modern smart phones and tablets come with additional internal storage space with an option to use external MicroSD cards; this storage space could as well be keeping malicious software that may compromise your data security and device. I don’t by any chance intent to bully Android device owners to only use AVG antivirus, there are a ton of antivirus software out there to select from as long as they are genuine; however, from my own perspective, stay away from freeware antivirus applications, better use free versions from recognized applications such as AVG and Kerspesky lab.
In order to use AVG antivirus on your Android Smart phone or tablet, you’ll be required to install the free version downloadable from an extensive Android market. Immediately AVG is installed, you will be prompted to touch the screen for a quick scan, if you touch the screen as requested, all of the installed applications, urls, bookmarks, contacts and data stored on your device will be scanned. Malicious software could be found on installed applications, stored data such as video clips, images and audio files.
Incase any suspicious software is found during the AVG scan, a new window will be opened requesting whether to ignore or fix; choosing fix could delete the application from your Android smart phone or tablet. The free AVG antivirus version for Android devices has a couple of essential features such as task killer that you will find important; however, if you want complete protection, I always recommend purchasing full versions of Antivirus software.
AVG antivirus for smart phones and tablets Features;
·        Task killer
·        Application locker
·        Data backup
·        Application backup
·        Wipe personal data
·        Spam and scan
You can always change the default settings on update frequency, auto-scan frequency, real time scanner, scan text messages and safe web surfing depending on your preference. To get the paid full version, you’ll need to upgrade.


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