Super iPhone, iOS and Smart Phones Battery Lasts 10x Longer

In what could be a major breakthrough for iPhone users, Scientists at McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science claim to have developed a battery that can sustain the much coveted Apple products 10 times longer compared to their original battery. The inventors claim to have achieved this target by encompassing different sheets of carbon and silicon to supercharge current lithium ion battery and instead replacing with a state of the art battery which regarded to last 10 times longer than the incumbent. Although initial stages mainly focused on batteries compatible with Apple products (iPhone 4S to be specific) its expected that similar technology will be employed in creating batteries for other smart phones thereby extending their lifespan by days rather than hours. Since the advent of smart phones featuring numerous functionalities, battery lifespan has remained a major thorn considering most applications such as games, and 3G/4G network technology drain enormous amount of battery power when used.

According to the lead author study available in advanced energy materials, Harold Kung indicated they had established a means by which ordinary lithium ion battery lifespan can be extended by 10 times or even more. A more fascinating revelation also proved that the new state of the art battery will still outperform ordinary lithium ion batteries by more than 5 times after one year of its usage. The scientists are reported to have utilized a different new kind of electrode on typical lithium ion batteries to finally find a way that could eliminate a dreadful short battery lifespan that most of us have experienced while running applications on our smart phones. If I am not mistaken, soon we could be seeing supercharged versions of current ordinary lithium ion batteries. Apparently, it seems like the intentionally included defects are responsible for enabling ions to move much faster and in turn improve their general performance; on the other hand, its entirely the short time frame we ought to get exited for.
As of now, smart phone users will still have to deal with current lithium ion batteries at least until after 2014 when the revolutionary batteries are expected to hit the market. As the processing power of smart phones is continually being improved with more advanced components such as dual core processors and HD capable display panels, its only fair that better batteries are developed to withstand enormous power drain and in turn improve user experience. Three years are still along way to go and smart phone users can only hope that the development process continues and the research doesn’t disappear down a plug hole either for unexpected cost issues or for any other reason. Incase this revelation comes to see the light of the day, iPhone6 or 7 battery woos could be eliminated and the scope of future smart phones enhanced more than considerably.


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