Sensei Gaming Mouse from SteelSeries Brings new Experience to Gamers

Anticipated to revolutionize the gaming universe, SteelSerie’s latest Sensei mouse houses a programmable LCD at its bottom while doing wonders with a handy 32 bit ARM processor. The unimagined is now real; SteelSeries Sensei mouse is currently available globally to all gaming fanatics replacing the likes of xai mouse, mouse surface and Diablo iii mouse from the same manufacturer. Apparently, the processor’s main task is to enable users manipulate any settings on the mouse to their preference, these settings include Sensei’s sensitivity; gamers can actually set the mouse’s hardware count per inch sensitivity from 1-5700, in addition, the standard maximum sensitivity at 5700 can be doubled up to 11,400 cpi courtesy of the onboard processor and software.

Apart from sensitivity function, the processor coupled with a pre-loaded software application, allows users to control SteelSeries Sensei mouse’s lift distance, set drivers to fine tune, mouse acceleration/de-acceleration and any mouse path correction functions; on top of that, you can pre-program user profiles with different settings suiting variant situations such as type of games keeping user profiles intact without additional software installation. The black and white LCD display at Sensei’s bottom enables gamers to change profile settings to suit their current needs on the fly, this feature is available if you have pre-programmed profiles on the mouse; in fact, you can tweak different profiles for each game courtesy of the pre-loaded SteelSeries engine driver software which is capable of allowing configuration of your 7 button assignments. In addition, users can also be able to trace how often different buttons are used in different sessions to identify those that are used most from least used buttons as well as configuring inbuilt light colors and brightness.

Evolution in the gaming industry has led to introduction of advanced 3D games while doing little to the hardware, SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse is so far regarded as the most customizable mouse in the industry allowing users to alter settings directly from it. In addition, users can comfortably configure essential settings such as micros, buttons, profiles, technology settings and colors. It supports up to 16.8 million color choices when illuminated of which can be programmed in 3 different places on the mouse; steelseries Sensei mouse supports a 10.8-Megapixel image correlation and laser sensor up to 12000 frames per second. Apart from customizable user profiles, Sensei gaming mouse requires little experience in peripheral attachment due to its plug n play nature. You can also tweak the inbuilt LED from their default status to different user profiles as you wish

Most users have appreciated Sensei’s enormous features and unique classy design comparable to Microsoft’s Intellimouse; however, at the same time, there are those who are frustrated by its small sized side buttons which often results in accidental back and forward commands. It features a pleasant feel with its metal coated plastic body and responsive performance, if you want to experience Sensei’s revolutionizing performance, take a couple of days getting accustomed to it as you will discover more features and functionality. For those who spend least of their time gaming, steelseries Sensei mouse will not change your gaming experience in a blink at least until you’ve used it on several occasions.


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