Samsung Wave M S7250 Bada Smart Phone

Samsung has once again conformed to its current naming sequence placing its newest Samsung Wave M S7250 running on Bada OS in the mid range genre of its smart phones; consumers have been waiting with a lot of anxiety to experience the manufacturer’s proprietary Bada operating system which is also expected to feature ChatON application; among other features expected to come on board include multitasking capability, WiFi direct, Near Field Communication and HTML5 support. Samsung will be joining other industry players such as Nokia who prides of having their own smart phone operating system; the manufacturer recently upgraded its operating system to Symbian Belle although it is has shown interest to start producing phones running on the latest Windows Phone Mango software.

Samsung Wave M S7250 is equipped with major social networking applications and is powered by a modest 832MHz processor. Unlike its sibling Wave 3 which falls among high end devices, Samsung Wave M S7250 is grouped with the likes of Galaxy M in a mid range category the only difference being operating system; Wave M S7250 runs on Samsung’s Bada v2.0 OS while Galaxy M is powered by Android v2.3 Gingerbread software. Bada operating system is regarded as the major selling factor for Samsung Wave M S7250 considering its support for latest developments in the mobile telephony industry such as Near Field Communication technology; in addition, the operating system is known to offer interesting capabilities such as photo and file sharing without necessarily using internet connection, transport pass-card recharge and mobile payment services.
Samsung ChatON Messaging Service is known to offer friends and family members an opportunity to share their thoughts with multimedia messaging support; apparently, Samsung Wave M S7250 will be among the first devices to showcase Samsung’s proprietary messaging service application. Users will also enjoy access to Samsung’s application store via a more improved and enhanced UI interface. Over the past few days, the smart phone market segment has experienced an enormous influx of all kinds of devices; in order to stay abreast of other competitors, device diversification will have a significant impact.
Samsung Wave M S7250 Features/Specifications;
  • 832MHz processor
  • Samsung’s Bada v2.0 operating system
  • 3.65 inch TFT LCD touch screen (320×480 pixels)
  • 5.0-Megapixel camera with auto-focus
  • 150MB internal memory expandable with a MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • HVGA video recording at 30fsp.
  • Samsung ChatON Messaging Service
Samsung Wave M S7250 Price in Kenya:


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