Nokia is going Windows with Microsoft’s new Windows Phone ‘Mango’ OS

Speculations are now over after a leading communications technology service provider Nokia announced plans to introduce the first windows powered smart phone. This move comes a time when Microsoft development team officially signed off the release of latest windows phone operating system version named Mango. Nokia has continued over the past years to produce Symbian based Smart phones contrary to most of its competitors such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and Huawei who embrace Google’s Android software.

Windows phone Mango is expected to continue the almost forgotten ecosystem Nokia being the first manufacture to express gratitude indicating they were one step closer to delivering the first Nokia with windows phone smart phone by the end of the year. Windows phone ‘mango’ comes with hundreds of new features and applications compared to previous windows mobile versions creating a smarter and easier approach to communication. Nokia is expected to utilize Windows Phone Mango abilities such as best web experience to produce devices that will cut off the steady increase of Google’s Android software.
Microsoft announced its new version of windows phone ‘Mango’ operating system will come pre-installed on new mobile handsets while those already operating on windows phone platform will have updates available this fall. Apart from new improved web browsing experience, social networking features such as Instant Messaging, Text and Facebook chat will all be taken care of conclusively.
Windows Phone Mobile Features;
  • Unique new email view expected to help users to participate in long conversations with friends and family efficiently.
  • Threads expected to bring closer text messages, instant messages and facebook chat into a single conversation.
  • Application multitasking which will enable users to access their emails while listening to their favorite music at ago.
  • Internet explorer 9 expected to offer faster web browsing experience and the much needed support for new HTML5 websites.


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