Nokia 700 ZETA Symbian Smart Phone

Alongside the release of Nokia 600 and 701, Nokia 700 ZETA was also introduced although considered as the most compact and eco-friendly handset that the company has ever produced. Comparing Nokia 700 ZETA with Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 which was also released on the same day, they both have a 1GHz processor although running different operating systems; Nokia 700 on Symbian Belle while Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 on Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system. There is very slim features setting this two devices apart; but if you ask me, I consider Nokia 700 ZETA to be on the upper hand despite its Symbian software.

Nokia 700 ZETA comes in a variety of colors to choose from depending on your preference, but that is not what knocks me off my feet; consider a stylish 3.2 inch clear black AMOLED nHD screen; clearly, this feature places it right on the top in its genre. There are reports of Nokia removing Symbian from the American market; I wonder what could have led to that. Today, the smart phone market is literally going Android crazy; but what consumers should ask themselves is what they expect from their devices, Android is not basically the best, it has its own flaws and so is Symbian; there are countless applications supported by both operating systems.
You’ll also find Nokia 700 ZETA’s 5.0-megapixel camera attractive, it’s enhanced by a fixed focus snapper with LED flash and is capable of  recording 720 pixel high definition video clips. On top of a fabulous camera, it has 2GB internal storage capacity of which I find handy; however you can always expand with an external MicroSD card up to 32GB, and if you are concerned with internet connection speed, Nokia 700 ZETA supports 3G with HSPA. Other enhancements include NFC support, WiFi and Fm radio.
Nokia 700 ZETA Features/Specifications;
  • Symbian Belle operating system
  • 1.0GHz processor
  • 2GB internal storage capacity
  • 3.2 inch Clear black AMOLED nHD screen
  • Eco friendly
  • NFC support
  • 5.0-megapixel camera with a fixed focus snapper
  • 3G enabled with HSPA
Nokia 700 ZETA Price in Kenya:


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