Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Music Phone Announced

Music lovers across the globe will have something to smile about after Sony Ericsson announced the introduction of Mix Walkman music phone. The new Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman has gone through various transformations beginning with a simple cassette player to a portable media player capable of carrying mp3 songs. With intention of delivering outstanding music entertainment, the portable media has finally evolved to a mix Walkman music phone which comes with zappin; a new fun and improvised way to search for your favorite mp3’s if you have a larger catalog.

 The additional zapping key on Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman music phone makes looking for your favorite song in a larger catalog instantaneous; you only need to press the zappin key to preview the chorus of the next track before deciding to listen to it. An additional keroke function lowers the vocals from any song played on Mix Walkman music phone immediately letting you sing the content along.

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Music Phone Features/Specifications;
·        Zappin. The zappin key on Mix Walkman will let you play the 4th or 15th chorus of the next track and decide in advance whether you want to listen to it; when the key is pressed again, the song will once again start playing from the top.
·        Google Talk. Charting and sending instant messages is effectively taken care of on Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman by the integration of Google Talk.
·        Keroke. A simple touch of the microphone key launches keroke view letting you sing along the chorus and a delay of 5seconds without doing anything makes the button fade away giving an option to get more lines of lyrics.
·        WiFi enabled. Establish wireless internet connections on Mix Walkman using WiFi functionality whether in a cyber café or at home.
·        Touch UI. Navigate the user interface simply by touching
·        Music recognition feature identifies the track id and return the song name and album in no time.
·        Social networks and email function. Get your twitter and facebook wall updates as well as staying connected to your email inbox.
·        Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman supports an external MicroSD card up to 32GB
·        Fm Radio. Listen to you favorite fm radio stations with an inbuilt stereo fm receiver.
Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Music Phone Price in Kenya: Coming soon.



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