Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Do you like listening to music with limited noise interference? If yes, then you might consider checking out the new Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset capable of producing excellent music and sound quality whether listening to your favorite mp3 songs or making voice calls. Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset offers both physical wired connectivity and wireless connectivity using Bluetooth technology for maximum mobility experience. They are also compatible to most players either using wired pug in connection or Bluetooth wireless connection.

 Equipped with active noise cancellation feature, Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset ensures you listen to more tracks, catch the whole conversation and enjoy a multi-microphone active noise control that eliminates up to 99 percent ambient noise. The bass boost and stereo widening features bumps up the bottom end of your music maximizing user experience while stereo widening creates-an-in-the-centre-of-the-sound experience. All of these abilities on Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset combine to produce an exhilarating sound effect which is fine tuned to the users’ preference.

Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset Features/Specifications;
Support both wireless and wired connectivity. Depending on your preference, plug the Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset into any player using a wired means or just pair with other Bluetooth compatible players.
  • Active noise cancellation ability eliminates up to 99 percent ambient noise retains the original sound track. The background noise is completely eliminated on your Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset courtesy of Active noise cancellation feature.
  • Mobile design. Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset comes in ultra light-weight design and a compact travel case for maximum mobility. The headband can be adjusted to suit your preference ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Wide compatibility. A number of known music players are compatible with Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset.
  • Voip adapter compatibility. Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset can be used to make voip calls from your computer.
Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset Price in Kenya: Kshs.16110


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