Bonga PointsEver since Safaricom’s Bonga Points reward scheme was introduced in Kenya way back in June 2007, the program has experienced various developments as well as popularity leading the way for other mobile service providers in the country. Today, every mobile service provider in Kenya has introduced its own loyalty reward scheme to award subscribers who stay and use its network with great prizes, Safaricom’s Bonga Points Program was introduced with limited features; however, the program has evolved over years to become the best of its kind in Kenya. Essentially, subscribers are required to enroll into the program and accumulate points by consuming the provider’s services; in the case of Bonga Points loyalty program, subscribers are rewarded with 1 Point for every Kshs.10 spent on Safaricom’s network.

How to Enroll into Safaricom’s Bonga Points Program;
To enjoy Bonga Points reward scheme, subscribers are required to enroll by dialing *126# on their mobile phones using a Safaricom Sim and select enroll to Bonga Points. You’ll receive 10 Bonga Points immediately for joining the program and start accumulating Bonga Points as you consume Safaricom’s services. Other similar programs such as Airtel’s Zawadi points work in a similar manner; however, unlike other service providers who have airtime as the only redeemable reward currently, you can redeem Bonga Points for fabulous prizes such as laptops, phones, modems, airtime and other phone accessories.
How to Redeem Bonga Points for Great Prizes;
  As soon as you have accumulated enough Bonga Points, you can redeem them for fantastic prizes at any Safaricom shop. Dial *126# on your mobile phone and select redeem bonga points on the menu (option 2), you’ll then be presented with a list of redeemable prizes, Select your preferred prize depending on accumulated bonga points. A new development (PIN security) to bonga points enhances safety of your points; initially, anyone was able to transfer your bonga points without knowledge.
How to Set Pin security for your Bonga Points
The introduction of PIN security on Bonga Points bars anyone from transferring your points without consent; this development comes a time when Safaricom introduced yet another feature allowing subscribers to share their Bonga Points, this feature is available for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers. Dial *126# on your phone and choose select new Pin (option 5), you can also dial *126#5# and press call button.
How to Share/Transfer Bonga Points;
When it comes to redeeming bonga points, sometimes subscribers are limited by the number of accumulated points to get their preferred prizes, in this case, you can ask your friends, colleagues or family members to transfer additional points to your Safaricom Sim. Dial *126# and select Transfer Bonga Points (option 4), alternatively, you can just dial *126#4#. To transfer bonga points using a text message, create a new text message with #’s>and send to 226 i.e. 300#0722000000 and send to 226.