NCBA’s Bold Green Initiatives: Celebrating World Environment Day with Tree Planting and Electric Vehicles

World Environment Day is the United Nations-recognized event that falls on June 5, aimed at creating consciousness and encouraging action towards protecting the environment. This year’s campaign focuses on restoration of land, desertification, and drought resilience with the theme “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.” In response to this global call, Kenya has today signed up for an unprecedented tree-planting ceremony to commit to planting 15 billion trees, further confirming the country’s commitment to combating climate change, enhancing biodiversity, and boosting environmental resilience.

Kenya’s Ambitious Tree-Planting Initiative

Kenya is taking an unprecedented level, planting 15 billion trees, for environmental stewardship and sustainable development. The large-scale reforestation is envisioned to mitigate the impacts of climate change, increase biodiversity, and woo higher levels of environmental resilience. This is majorly a government-led initiative, but the involvement of Kenyan companies herein forms the core entity for the success of this agenda. Companies in the country are expected to play the most significant role in accelerating the progress and impact of the reforestation agenda.

NCBA Bank’s Commitment to Tree Planting

This is coming from NCBA Bank, which has given itself a very ambitious target of planting 10 million trees countrywide between now and the year 2030. The Integrated Report of the bank in 2023 notes that such efforts are seen as crucial in enhancing Africa’s capacity to contribute towards reducing the adverse effects of climate change. To date, through direct planting and company needs, NCBA Bank, together with key partners, has managed to plant over 7 million trees, of which the bank has directly estimated 350,000.

Promoting Electric Vehicle Adoption

NCBA Bank is also pushing for the uptake of electric vehicles in the country, among its efforts in planting trees. Last year, the bank unveiled a KES 2 billion kitty targeted at customers purchasing personal and public electric vehicles. According to NCBA Group CEO John Gachora, the move is expected to have a number of cascading positive effects, including job creation, skills development, and the modernization of industries. That fund positions NCBA as keen in financing sustainable mobility solutions.

EV Charging Stations

NCBA has also invested in the infrastructure necessary for the transition to electric mobility. The bank has installed four EV charging stations—three at its headquarters in Nairobi, specifically at NCBA Center and NCBA House, and one at the HQ in Kigali, Rwanda. This is in line with NCBA’s wider vision and investment towards the transition to electric mobility and the building of a sustainable transport ecosystem.

Other Green Initiatives

It is doing this by committing to go even further than tree planting and electric vehicles by financing solar photovoltaic (PV) installations to the tune of KES 500 million. NCBA undertakes waste recycling and commitments to ensure there is less plastic in the environment as a sustainability initiative.


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