Cisco Establishes Africa’s First Cyber Security Technology Experience Center at UoN

Cisco, a global technology company has opened its first Cybersecurity Technology Experience Centre in Africa. This special centre is located at the University of Nairobi and it becomes an important place for creativity and teamwork in digital security field.

The joint effort was organized with the help of ICT Authority (ICTA) and the University of Nairobi and represents a major step in Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) worldwide initiative. The CDA program runs in 50 countries and has more than 1,600 projects aimed at creating strong and fair societies using advanced technology.

The special launch event was honored by important and influential figures like Francine Katsoudas who is Cisco’s Executive Vice President as well as Chief People, Policy and Purpose Officer along with Prof. Stephen Kiama – Vice Chancellor at the University of Nairobi creating an atmosphere filled with promise for change. Eng. John Tanui, Principal Secretary for ICT and The Digital Economy explained various roles that the modern center will play such as becoming a place known for its excellent training in cyber security, the heart where the country’s strategic knowledge about cyberspace security is built up.

Utilizing the changing power of AI and VR, the Center is ready to transform cyber security education and awareness. Using immersive learning methods, it aims to provide government officers and industry-related people with deep knowledge about cyber threats and ways for lessening them across Africa.

Eng. Tanui emphasized how working together helps both sides, going beyond normal partnerships to help Kenya become more digital and successful. Francine Katsoudas also said it’s very important for communities to be strong against changing cyber threats. The team-up between CDA and Cisco Networking Academy is good news because it helps fix the lack of skills and makes Kenya’s cyber defenses stronger, matching the country’s plans for growth.

Shain Rahim, who takes care of Cisco’s interests in Kenya, called for everyone to join forces in fighting cybercrime. He asked government, schools, and businesses to work together on this important task.

As cyber-attacks keep happening worldwide, and more people need to be good at cyber security, Cisco is determined to help. By creating Africa’s best Cybersecurity Technology Experience Centre, Cisco shows it’s committed to making sure everyone can use technology safely and fairly.


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