Gava Mkononi App: Accessing Government Services Made Easy

The new eCitizen Mobile Application which is commonly refered to as Gava Mkononi, is now ready for you. It comes from Swahili language which is very popular here in Kenya that means “Government at Your Fingertips.” The innovative app from the Kenyan government aims to make it easier and faster for every citizen of our country to access services provided by their own government.

Seamless Download and Registration Process

Downloading and registering with Gava Mkononi is a straightforward process. The app can be easily found on the Google Play Store, and signing up requires basic details like name, National Identity Card information, email address, and phone number. Within a few minutes, users are given access to various government services.

Effortless Exploration of Government Services

Through Gava Mkononi, citizens can interact with different government services. Whether they want to renew their driver’s license, pay taxes, or obtain important documents like birth certificates, everything is just one tap away! The user-friendly design simplifies procedures, eliminating the need for complicated paperwork or long waiting times.

Embracing Digital Transactions

Gava Mkononi as a digital payment instrument, provides secure and convenient ways for citizens to make payments. It enables users to complete transactions quickly using either their mobile money or debit card options without requiring any physical cash.

A Testament to Kenya’s Digital Transformation

The launch of Gava Mkononi showcases Kenya’s deep dedication to digital change. With thousands of government services already digitized, the nation is making significant strides towards efficiency and transparency. President William Ruto’s vision of inclusiveness and ease of use is becoming a reality with this new platform.

Inclusivity at Its Core

Gava Mkononi is designed for everyone; it can be used by all citizens. For those without smartphones, Gava Express provides an alternative solution. Additionally, a USSD code is provided for those who prefer traditional text messages. This demonstrates Gava Mkononi’s commitment to ensuring that every single citizen in Kenya is included in their digital journey.


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