Things to do in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most famous and complex shooters in the royal battle genre, which is made in the spirit of a full-fledged military action simulator.

The game provides a lot of interesting mechanics that are aimed at the hardcore component and the search for important items that will form the basis of your inventory and equipment.

Plot Escape from Tarkov

According to the plot, a military conflict flares up between the United States and Russia, which is localized on a piece of territory called Tarkov, but in order not to turn the conflict into the category of World War 3, all forces operate with the help of private military companies – Terra and Bears.

Beginning of the game

You have to choose your side in the conflict. Who it will do not really matter, both sides have their own version of equipment and weapons, uniforms according to the standard of their military branches, speak in English or Russian to transfer information between the detachment and actively sell the currency – dollars, or rubles.

Main things of Escape from Tarkov

You will enter the game world with a minimum supply of equipment, which you will have to get on your own as part of combat sorties.

Of particular value is your level, which gradually increases for completing tasks and destroying representatives of an enemy PMC.

Another way to get the desired level is to follow the link – and order boosting from the Skycoach service.

The level is important for unlocking opportunities to interact with other players through the flea market system and access to the best equipment that can be bought with enough in-game currency depending on the chosen side.

The service implements the service by transferring the client’s account to a professional player. Skycoach guarantees the anonymity and safety of personal data that is not transferred to third parties, but is implemented by the service personnel. You can track the status of a deal in real time on the Skycoach website. Upon completion of the transaction, it is recommended to change the password.

Life and death in Tarkov

You will have a minimum amount of equipment that can be obtained as part of military sorties to neutral territories, where representatives of hostile PMCs can meet, look for equipment and at the same time avoid bandits.

The realism in Tarkov lies in the damage that can be received in combat and its consequences. The emphasis is on real combat, so without good equipment you can die from one well-aimed bullet, or bleed from a severe wound. Death will mean the loss of all property, since the enemy will not disdain to search the body and take away all the most valuable.

Combat sorties

In order to strengthen your character, you need to constantly search for, strengthen and insure equipment in order to constantly pose a threat to the enemy and have the tools to fight in any conditions.

To do this, players go to neutral territories on their own, or as part of a battle group, find everything they need to fight and go to a safe zone.

Everything is complicated by the absence of any sources of navigation, except for the physical map, which indicates many large and colorful objects that can and should be used as landmarks to understand the entry and exit points of the location, places with the best storage of ammunition and weapons.

What you need to look for to strengthen your character:

  1. Weapons – You need two types of weapons to quickly switch to the game situation. The first format is for long-range shooting, the second for close combat. Ideally, if these are two assault rifles, or a sniper rifle.
  1. Bulletproof vest – in order to survive some of the attacks to the body in the front and from the back, you need a bulletproof vest, it can help you survive even machine gun fire with a certain chance. Armor is divided into classes and the higher the category of body armor, the greater the chance of salvation, but also the higher the weight, which means it will affect the speed of movement.
  1. Helmet – an analogue of body armor, but to protect the head from bullets and fragments from grenades. A helmet will also help you survive a headshot if you’re lucky, of course, but the chance of this outcome is much higher than without it.
  1. Accessories for weapons – various sights and accessories are scattered all over the world of Tarkov, which are installed on weapons and help the shooter to better fight. Sights will help to better distinguish the enemy at long distances, and collimators are correctly and quickly aimed at the enemy when fighting close. You’ll find stabilization grips, handy stocks, an extended magazine and many other useful enhancements to your weapons.
  1. Grenades – look for and use them against the enemy to knock them out of cover, or prevent their offensive potential. In addition to attacking grenades, there are also smoke bombs that can mask your withdrawal from positions
  1. Ammo – Always look for ammo for your primary weapon and a couple of magazines for your secondary if you have a different weapon.
  1. Medicines – during any battle, whether it be bandits or representatives of an enemy PMC, you always have a chance to get various injuries that will greatly interfere with firing and aiming accurately. If nothing is done, then there is a risk of death from blood loss and injuries, so you should always carry bandages and first aid kits with you.
  1. Bags and backpacks – for the constant collection of loot and its sale, or accumulation, you will need bags. The larger their capacity, the more useful items you will be able to place there. Good bags and backpacks are no less valuable than weapons and accessories.

You will find places with an accumulation of various resources, and it will be better if you keep track of landmarks by which you can return to them in the future without relying on the game map.

An important point – if you find a place with valuable loot, other players can find and know it, so always prepare a plan in case of entering into battle and a point for reconnaissance.

It is necessary to examine the place for enemy PMCs, approach and collect loot and retreat to a safe zone with constant stops and analysis of the situation before advancing.

In addition to leaving the combat zone on foot through specially designated points, you can order a paid evacuation, where for a certain amount you will simply be taken out of certain points in an expedited manner.

This format can be used against a serious chase, so as not to die and lose all the equipment obtained. But in general, this approach allows you to quickly return to a peaceful city and start selling trophies.


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