Safaricom introduces “Store Number” to tame wrong agent number MPESA withdrawals

In today’s digital world, we witness the regular use of mobile money services like M-PESA in daily life in Kenya. It is crucial to ensure that financial transactions are safe and secure. However, when things become easy and convenient, there also comes the danger of errors, especially during withdrawals from agent outlets.

In the past, customers would sometimes encounter the problem of incorrect withdrawals because they entered the wrong agent number. This resulted in funds being credited to another agent mistakenly, causing difficulty in accessing money as well as delays. Safaricom has addressed this problem by introducing store numbers.

The concept is simple but useful. Alongside the agent number, customers and merchants input a store number during withdrawals. This additional step for verification ensures that the money goes to the right person who is supposed to receive it, reducing the chances of mistakes and unauthorized transactions.

Through the use of store numbers, Safaricom demonstrates its commitment to improving customer experience and safety in mobile money services. This improvement reduces the likelihood of mistakes while making it easier to withdraw money, meaning customers can access their funds quickly and without worry


  1. A customer just withdrew money from Mpesa and the withdrawal process did not have the “store number” option. Only required agent number to withdraw money. Don’t the additional layer for entering store number in the withdrawal process apply to all sim cards?


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