Safaricom introduces “Store Number” to tame wrong agent number MPESA withdrawals

In today’s digital world, mobile money services like M-PESA have become an integral part of daily life for many people in Kenya. They allow customers to transfer money, pay bills, and make purchases with ease and convenience. However, as with any financial service, there are certain risks and challenges that ought to be addressed in order to ensure a smooth and secure experience for customers. One such challenge is the issue of incorrect withdrawals from agent outlets.

In the past, customers would sometimes enter the wrong agent number when making a withdrawal, which would result in the funds being reflected on the incorrect agent. This would mean that the customer would not have access to that cash, and would need to contact Safaricom customer service to reverse the funds, which could take time and may not be timely in emergency situations.

To eliminate this problem, Safaricom has introduced a new feature to the agent withdrawal process called the “store number“. Its an additional layer that aims to prevent incorrect agent withdrawals. Customers and merchants are now required to enter both the Agent Number as well as the Store Number when withdrawing funds at an agent outlet. it guarantees that the store number and agent number match before the withdrawal process can be completed. It’s a feature that helps reduce the risk of errors and ensure that customers are able to access their funds quickly and easily.



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