GOtv Customers Rejoice: New Promotion Offers Upgraded Packages and More Entertainment

2023 is here, and as expected, new obligations and obstacles come with it. Yet, GOtv clients have something to anticipate as the company presents a thrilling promotion that enables them to access more content. This promotion, which runs from January 25th to March 31st, 2023, builds upon the company’s current offer, where customers must stay connected to upgrade to the next highest package level. But this new offer takes it a step further by providing access to a more excellent range of content on the GOtv platforms.

According to Nancy Matimu, the head of MultiChoice Kenya, the intention behind this campaign is to provide constant entertainment for valued customers, no matter the time of year. Matimu stated, “We aim to provide customers with a broad selection of entertainment options, regardless of the season. This promotion is a great chance for our customers to discover and take advantage of higher packages while experiencing more content.”

This campaign is open to current and inactive customers, enabling them to access a wide variety of programming across higher packages at the cost of a lower package. For example, by upgrading from GOtv Lite to GOtv Value, customers will automatically be upgraded to GOtv Plus, providing them access to well-known telenovelas like Heartless. Likewise, by upgrading from GOtv Value to GOtv Plus, customers will be upgraded to GOtv Max, where they can watch some of the most popular martial arts movies on KIX. Furthermore, GOtv Plus customers will get the best of entertainment, as new episodes of Paw Patrol on NickJr will debut in February.

For more information on the promotion and other products and services, customers can visit the GOtv Africa portal. Upgrading is easy and can be done with just a few taps on MyGOtvApp, which can be downloaded from a mobile App store.

GOtv is offering a new promotion that allows existing customers to upgrade to a higher package and access more content at the price of a lower package. The campaign runs from January 25th to March 31st, 2023, and is open to active and disconnected customers. The campaign’s goal is to keep valued customers entertained no matter the season. It is an excellent opportunity for customers to explore the great content on the GOtv platforms and enjoy more entertainment at a great price.


  1. I received phone call from GOTV customer care for upgrade promo that I should pay sum of N775,00 for higher package. how do I go about it pls


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