Safaricom unveils “Go Monthly plans”, consolidating postpaid and all in one plans at cheaper rates

Leading mobile service provider has consolidated its PostPay and All in One monthly plans to a simplified offering dubbed “Go Monthly”. The new proposal will see existing PostPay customers pay less than before in what the mobile service provider is referring to as lower-prices-more-value. The revamp is also expected to eliminate confusion between the previous all-in-one plans with postpaid plans, since they’ll all be now under a single plan.

In the structuring, Safaricom has reduced prices for Go Monthly plans, reversing a price increase witnessed back in July 2022. The move followed government actions in increasing exercise duty on Airtime from 15% to 20%.

Speaking on the new development, Safaricom’s CEO Peter Ndegwa said the service provider was fullfilling it’s commitment to customers by offering greater value while delivering great experience. Ndegwa also indicated the move was necessitated to consolidate it’s product offering while at the same time allowing customers enjoy a digital lifestyle in an affordable manner.

In the new price structure, the Go Monthly 1K plan will go for KES 1,000, a reduction from KES 1050; the 2K plan will go for KES 2,000 down from KES 2,100; the 3K plan will go for KES 3,000 down from KES 3,150; the 5K plan will go for KES 5,000 down from 5,200; while the 10K plan will go for KES 10,000, down from KES 10,430.

According to the mobile provider, all Go Monthly customers are set to receive free 2GB YouTube every month, while customers on the 5k and 10k plans will get unlimited data capped at 45GB and 100GB respectively, after which they will browse at 3Mbps speed. Go Monthly customers will be able to use their minutes to call across all local networks as well as China, India, USA, and Canada.

As part of the revamp, the plans will have a validity of 30 days, and only data will roll over upon renewal of PostPay or purchase of another monthly bundle. This is especially critical because voice and data resources were rolled over on plan renewals.

From as low as KES 500 per month, customers who prefer minutes or internet only can also enjoy the minutes or data-only Go Monthly plans respectively. Safaricom is also planning to introduce a device bundling option that will enable Go Monthly customers to acquire 4G and 5G smartphones via a monthly repayment plan inclusive of data, voice, and SMS bundles.

Customers can join PostPay or access all available Go Monthly plans via MySafaricom App, and USSD *544#.

Revised Pricing for PostPay & All-In-One Plans

PLANNew Price (KES)Old Price (KES)ResourcesValidity
1,0001,050400 minutes + 5GB + 1000 SMS + FREE 2GB YouTube + WhatsApp30 days
Go Monthly PostPay & All in One2,0002,1001,000 minutes + 15GB + 2,000 SMS + FREE 2GB YouTube + WhatsApp30 days
3,0003,1501,500 minutes + 25GB + 3,000 SMS + FREE 2GB YouTube + WhatsApp30 days
5,0005,2002,500 minutes + 45GB + 5,000 SMS + FREE 2GB YouTube + WhatsApp30 days
10,00010,4307,500 minutes + 100GB + 1,000 SMS + FREE 2GB YouTube + WhatsApp30 days


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