Huawei promoting the MatePad T8 as family friendly learning tablet, retailing at Ksh 16,499

Huawei is now promoting its MatePad tablet as a family friendly learning tablet here in Kenya. The tablet is currently retailing for Ksh 16,499 with some interesting gifts for customers who purchase it during the brand month. According to the tech giant, the tablet is a perfect companion on day to day reading experience of users. Additionally, it has built-in features designed to eliminate health issues associated with screen use.

With a growing demand for online based services, tablets have once again gained demand for users who want to consume media as well as access learning resources online. From our previous editorial, a report unveiled during Mastercard NICAF partnership to offer scholarships to African students found that most Kenyans used the lockdown period to further their studies online. Huawei is seeking to capitalize on this trend with its MatePad, pinpointing its unique features that make learning efficient such as eye-health dedicated features.

Under the hood, the MatePad comes with a dedicated chipset that helps with colour management. The module shifts colours depending on different content consumed on the tablet. This feature according to Huawei will aid in safeguarding eye-health while consuming content on the tablet, the component is hardly found on competitors alternatives. Additionally, the pad will change to different modes utilizing software algorithms that can give commands to the built-in colour adjustment module based on the data collected by the ambient light sensor, ultimately achieving the right eye protection results for all kinds of locations and lighting conditions.

And if you find yourself straining after spending hours on the tablet, you can simply head-over to the settings and toggle an eye comfort mode. You’ll be able to enjoy on-screen reading, thanks to a built-in display module that will adjust the RGB output to eliminate blue light that’s often associated with link deprivation.


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