NAS Servair, Jumia Food ink a deal to deliver food in Nairobi at KS 200 dubbed Bei Poa Kitchen

E-commerce operator Jumia and Airline in-flight caterer NAS Servair has signed a deal that will see Nairobians get food deliveries at KS 200. The in-flight caterer launched a new business segment that will involve selling food to people within the city, straying from its usual flight operated business. The new venture has been motivated by changing times, especially after the Covid-19 period that affected the sector to the core.

Air travel was severely affected by the pandemic, especially after several countries entered into lockdown modes, restricting travel that resulted in grounding of several airlines due to lack of passengers. The restrictions were meant to curb the spread of the virus, but ended up affecting their entire business in the aviation industry.

Additionally, even though travel restrictions have been eased over time, there are still some social distancing guidelines in place that have changed how people behave in public places. Restaurants continue to suffer as more people are now opting for take away or home-made meals as we saw from the Mastercard love index report.

While speaking on the Bei Poa Kitchen service, NAS Servair general manager Stephane Lopez said the deal came as a result to the growing demand for ready meals to offices and homes within the city. Lopez further attributed the deal to the experience Jumia has in running a Pan African e-commerce platform as well as their catering service that serves 30 airlines operating in the country at an affordable way.

Jumia Food Chief Commerce Officer Shreenal Ruparelia commented on the deal saying the partnership will run on the social distancing measures issued by the government that have forced most people to avoid crowded places in favor of home and office deliveries.

Shreenal further said the e-commerce platform was happy to partner with NAS Servair in launching Bei Poa Kitchen that will avail low-cost meals to consumers at a large scale. Additionally, Shreenal acknowledged how food delivery from restaurants was growing at commendable pace owing to people urge to avoid crowds. Bei Poa Kitchen orders must be placed and paid before 6pm, the day before expected delivery. This would allow NAS Servair to prepare meals overnight and be ready for delivery the following day.


  1. This is great news. Genuine Kenyan food delivered to my doorstep ! Hope this Jumia/NAS project will “fly” 🙂


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