Nairobi set to deploy a digital platform to manage Matatu termini to keep commuters informed

The Nairobi city is set to deploy a digital platform that will manage a terminus for commuters travelling to and from the CBD. The platform which is expected to be implemented by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services is aimed at keeping travelers informed when the last mile buses will be at various pickup points. Kenya’s capital is currently operated by numerous public service vehicles that have been blamed for unending traffic snarl-ups, in an effort to decongest the city, only high capacity vehicles will be allowed to enter the CBD.

According to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director of Transport and Public Works Mr. Michael Ochieng’, the new system will keep operators informed so they can make informed decisions. Ochieng’ further says that commuters will have relevant information to plan their businesses within the city, such as what time to leave their offices, when to go home and many others.

Plans have been strife to relocate public service vehicles from the CBD in recent times, but not without hiccups that have prevented the plans to take effect. The development will also offer commuters an option to walk from the CBD for those who may be keen to keep fit, while those preferring to public means, having access to the bus rapid transport vehicles popularly referred to as BRT.

There’s no clear indication as to when matatus will finally be restricted from accessing the CBD, but as plans get underway, it’s only a matter of time. According to the Director of public service vehicles and public works, various stake holders in the matatu industry have been included in the plans and rehearsals on how the new normal would be done.


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