LG Electronics unveils its first virtual showroom in the region to showcase various products

Something we can all point to the current pandemic is just how things have changed in a few months, employers are now encouraging staff to work from home and businesses are inventing new ways to stay afloat even with diminished consumer spending power. LG Electronics is taking a step forward to reach even more customers without necessarily having them to come to their showrooms to look at products before buying them. Consumers in the East African region can easily view a range of products online before deciding to buy them – courtesy of what LG is calling a virtual showroom.

The move will allow consumers to conveniently browse through a range of LG’s products and purchase them without having to visit a physical location with an aim to understand how a product operates or its features for that matter. As a way of limiting the spread of the current pandemic, Kenyans were advised to practice social distancing, which meant, avoiding visiting physical locations if there’s an online option and opt for cashless transactions such as MPESA.

As a result, more Kenyans are now opting for online shopping than visiting malls are market places, and businesses have been putting up measures to ensure they tap into the new normal. Currently, it’s estimated that about 73 percent of consumers are now considering e-shopping instead of the older means.

According to LG Electronics East Africa’s managing director Mr. Sa Nyoung Kim, the new e-showroom will showcase latest LG products in the market. He further acknowledged how the tech giant re-examined customer needs and creatively aim at meeting their expectations. Kim continued to note, the showroom will allow customers interact with products before buying them.

How to access LG’s e-showroom;

Consumers will have the opportunity to browse through a range of products as well as purchasing them and can as well get sales consultations if need be. Additionally, customers will have access to an online finance calculator as well as an e-purchase facility.

Mr. Kim also pointed out how the company opted to bringing a showroom to customers following the current pandemic. The virtual showroom will give customers an opportunity to see how the company is enabling smart homes and living through artificial intelligence. Products to be showcased include the OLED TVs, InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators, LG TWIN Wash™ washing machines, DUALCOOL Air Conditioners among other home electronics and appliances.


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