Ericsson in a bid to innovate Africa’s future with a graduate program targeting African countries

Ericsson is looking to promote Africa’s future through innovation with a graduate program that will initially rollout in Kenya, Angola, Nigeria and Sudan before including other nations in the second phase. The 2020 edition of the program will enhance training of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in young people and also be used as a mentorship opportunity to young graduates in the ICT sector.

As a result of the effects of the current pandemic which has made physical interactions impossible in various learning institutions, the program is set to be unveiled through virtual format. The pandemic has caused many learning institutions to suspend institution-based learning, although some have already started reopening slowly after the government in Kenya reported a decreased number of new infections in recent times.

The initiative is targeting future leaders as well as innovators to engage in exciting technologies on the planet with advanced thinkers in their chosen fields. In the program, graduates will develop their technical skills in Ericsson technologies that involve solutions as well as understanding their processes, methods and tools. The tech giant also aims to equip graduates with the exposure to large global matrix driven organization in areas of working, understanding their vision, mission, strategies as well its corporate structure.

Speaking on the program, Head of Talent Acquisition at Ericsson Middle East Africa Caroline Berns said the initiative was structured to provide momentum to trainee’s careers at the right time, thereby enhancing skills gained in the course of their degrees. Caroline further said the initiative would fuel their repertoire by enabling them to make a positive impact on the continent.

Since the program will select half of each genders, it’s also touted to promote gender equality in the field of technology which aligns with Ericsson’s vision of educating and empowering women through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

Interested candidates can sign up for the job alert on to be informed immediately when new programs are being opened.


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