Why you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE (2020) here in Kenya

There is no doubt, the tablet market has since dwindled over the years, especially when smartphones started embracing large display panels that minimize bezels to accommodate an almost all-screen front. It’s a concept that almost every smartphone manufacture out there is keen to achieve given consumers have since responded positively to a handset with extra real-estate but maintain a small pocketable portfolio.

Samsung stood proud and pitched us the value proposition in their latest Galaxy Tab S7 LTE tablet during their online-streamed event and there are a couple of reasons I really think it’s worth having, given its availability here in Kenya. Samsung is retailing the SM-T875NZKAAFR model here in Kenya, so I’ll base most of my opinions on that model.

11-inches (WQXGA – 2560 x 1600) 120Hz display panel

I’m always in love with something exquisite when it comes to display panels, and the Galaxy Tab S7 LTE has a 120Hz panel you really should look forward to. What this basically means, is that content will be smoother on the panel and the overall experience should somewhat give an impression of a faster interface, that’ll respond quickly to those gestures. While the overall screen resolution doesn’t add-up to what I’d say mind-blowing, it technically surpasses the HD territory, so you should be fine consuming content on it. And for some who would argue, they already have big-screen handsets, 11-inches is obviously something you’d hardly expect on smartphone, maybe on foldable alternatives that have a steep price you’d rather look elsewhere.

Exceptionally large 10,090 Battery

Samsung says the Galaxy Tab S7 can survive up to 15hours of video playback and if anything, you’d have a 45W super-fast charger by your side to refill the tablet in no time. How effective a device meets user-expected levels in terms of content consumption often depend on the display panel and the battery. Assuming you are out and about camping, you would most likely need a device that has enough battery capacity that can last for the duration. This also applies on our day to day activities; for example, in our previous editorial on a smarter kitchen, a tablet was one of the gadgets you’d need for a full experience preparing meals in your kitchen.

Usable selfie and Primary Cameras

Smartphones have advanced beyond reach when it comes to camera sensors, which is expected, but the Tab S7 has an 8MP selfie camera and dual rear cameras – 13MP and 5MP that most users will find adequate for normal stuff.

Extensive accessory list

For those who have used Samsung’s S-pen before on a Note, know that having the pen is something that can be appreciated in times of need. You can easily take notes and save on the tab. And if this doesn’t seem like a workable solution, there’s a companion keyboard in case you need it. The accessory list should easily enhance your professional needs as well as making everything a little easier.

Plenty of internal storage and RAM

The base model comes in 128GB storage with 6GB RAM and maxes out at 512GB internal and 8GB RAM. This combination should be plenty enough for heavy tasks and even multimedia use.

LTE Connectivity

Since the tab s7 is a traveler companion, there’s an LTE radio so you can connect on the internet using a supported SIM card instead or relying on WiFi networks alone.

Price in Kenya: To be updated


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