The HP 24f 23.8-inch Ultra-slim FHD IPS Monitor just seems right for those working from home

While I’ve been enjoying working from home, bonding with family especially my little one who got to see me quite often, something was not quite right. I had transitioned to working from home, at least until everything goes back to normal but some minor aspects of office space I must say were dearly missed for the duration. To be precise, as a programmer, I used to hook an eternal monitor to my laptop for the extra real-estate and it was quite convenient – in particular my ultra slim 23.8inch HP 24f.

Most tech firms have announced initiatives to keep staff working from home until at least we’re done with 2020 – heck of a year! And while it all seems rosy, I must point out, for you to effectively adapt your living room into a working space, some measures have to be taken. In my case, I had to bring my lovely computer monitor home to feel like office and I’ve decided to share my experiences with the HP 24f 23.8inch ultra slim FHD monitor that I now cherish quite a lot.

Quite an awesome ultra-slim design

Talking of computer monitors, one aspect that somehow contributed to their down-spiral use was ultimately their bulkiness. It’s hard to put up with something so huge, especially in our tiny cubicles except for those who have enormous office space. But for this particular model, I was surprised how it eventually blended in my living room and we forgot it was even there after sometime.

IPS Panel

My work laptop has the ordinary TNT panel, you’d be sad looking at it, especially after seeing what OLED and IPS panels were offering. Blacks are something else, thanks to the monitor’s IPS technology. And talking of glare, or color shift, its one area the panel excels every time I’m working on a project that really needs spot-on colors.   

FHD Resolution

Resolution wasn’t my favorite aspect on this panel, it’s obviously grainy and some might even consider smaller screens friendlier on their eyes. But of course, this all depends on the type of content you’re consuming. In my case, I really didn’t need dense pixels for my work, I’d assume for a video editor or an architect, things would be swaying in the opposite direction. But for those who need a higher resolution, there’s a 4K model.


While portable laptops have almost everything we need to work from home, there are aspects of working in a real office environment we ought to carry home for a complete work environment. And if a computer monitor is something you could use, then the HP ultra-slim 24f definitely has stood the test of time and might be just what you need to increase your overall productivity.  

Price in Kenya: Ksh. 25,000


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