Samsung announces the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE) with a 120Hz screen in a global online event

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Samsung has finally announced its Galaxy S20 FE in a global event that was streamed live on YouTube, the handset has some major upgrades on the display panel as well as in matters do to with photography. It comes with a smoother panel that’s pitted at 120Hz refresh rate, a triple rear camera setup and a large 32MP selfie sensor.

The company used the same chips found in flagship S20 series in the new S20 FE, meaning it should perform on the same scale as the current Samsung flagships. Samsung touted how their latest device fits perfectly with its line of accessories such as wearables and tablets. And as we already know, the company has three different S20’s on the market but with a steep price tag, on the other hand, the fan edition has some premium parts removed so it could be affordable to the masses.

Samsung has priced the new S20 fan edition at USD. 699 about Ksh. 70,000 though it might cost way above that when it finally comes to Kenya due to taxes and difference in exchange rates. The 6.5-inches panel sits in between the smaller S20 and the larger S20 plus with a 120Hz refresh rate. So, expect scrolling through the interface to appear more smoother than standard refresh rates (60Hz). Additionally, it comes with a flatter panel rather than a curved one and the resolution maxes out at Quad HD+ which is within what you’d expect on a premium level handset.

Design wise, there’s a plastic back which is somehow a downgrade from what you’d be getting on the rest of S20’s, but Samsung has opted for cooler colors which should mitigate any downsides. Consumers will have an option of choosing any of the colors which the company highlighted more during the launch event. The Galaxy S20 FE will be available in red, orange, lavender, mint, and white. These colors have been tagged as “cloud,” referencing to their matte finish that should hide fingerprints.

Other Specifications

Under the hood, we still get some premium choices like the rest of S20’s such as a 4,500mAh battery, wireless charging, 6GB of RAM, IP68 water resistance, expandable storage and a top-rated Snapdragon 865 processor. Samsung chose to downgrade the rear camera megapixels opting for 12MP on the main sensor, 12MP ultrawide and 8MP on the telephoto lenses.

Although the current pandemic wasn’t in Samsung’s mind when the it first decided to unveil the Fan Edition, the company has gone an extra mile to have it made as a direct response to current economic constraints. We should have the Galaxy FE here in Kenya in a few weeks before the year ends.


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