Realme C15 comes to Kenya with a 6000mAh battery, Quad-camera setup for Ksh. 17,000

Since Realme opened shop here in Kenya, we’ve seen some of the best combinations of value and money thus far, it has unveiled some interesting gadgets within the budget segment that it’s just not possible to not consider them when shopping for the next android device at that price point. The latest addition to its range of products – the Realme C15 packs an amazingly large battery with a rear quad-camera setup for only Ksh. 17,000, which in my opinion could have been unthought of.

The Realme C15 has a specific target that it’ll wow with the amazing battery – obviously taking center stage from other features underneath. More than once, I’ve pointed out how my favorite feature on a smartphone must have something to do with the display panel, unfortunately, you’ll not find that kind of panel found on superior handsets, though still usable for the average consumer.   

Realme C15 packs a large 6.5-inches display panel that many users will find joyful to use though slightly less that what we’d have wanted on a device with its price caliber. The panel maxes out at 720×1560 resolution, way below our benchmark of at least FHD and above, but many users probably won’t notice the difference unless they’re put side by side with a pixel-dense panel.

We also don’t get a faster refresh rate on the new device, so expect games as well apps to not feel faster or smoother when opening than what we get on cheaper phones. It would have been nice to see a device under Ksh. 20,000 running smoother and going toe to toe with more expensive ones.

All in all, the Realme C15’s highlight feature is obviously the large 6000mAh battery capacity, as much as it’ll be a stretch hoping for it to last several days, expect a significantly longer cycle and maybe if well used to go two or three days before requiring topping up.

For those who are looking forward to the device, it comes in three variants, 3GB/32GB, 3GB/64GB and 4GB/64GB. We strongly advise for the higher RAM model just because it’ll come in handy when running heavy applications such as Games if its something you hope to accomplish.


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