Best budget display phone you can buy here in Kenya in 2020 for less than Ksh.20,000

A fabulous display panel should be the first thing someone ought to look at when shopping for their next smartphone. It’s one component you’ll be interacting with more often than any other feature on your device and simply needs to be accorded the seriousness it deserves when looking to upgrade or just want an awesome device for the next year or so.

When it comes to my preferences, I’ll choose a beautiful screen over any other feature on a phone in a moment; plain and simple. And here is why I think you should too for your next device. There are a few smartphone display technologies that are used on current devices; IPS which stands for in-plane switching and AMOLED, commonly found on Samsung devices; however, I’m going to focus more on the IPS tech since this is essentially what you should expect on under Ksh.20,000 devices, with some notable exceptions that packs an AMOLED panel.

Why you should put the display panel above everything else on a phone

  • We interact with it more often than anything else   

There are a couple of reasons or requirements someone would be looking forward to in their next handsets; and this differs from one person to another. But one component any user would interact with more often than anything else on a phone is its display panel. It makes more sense to look at something you consider awesome more often than regret your choice for the duration you own the phone.

  • Everything else depends on it

Whether you’re looking at taking some awesome memory shots with your device or want to play some popular titles like Fortnite, there’s no hiding you’ll need an awesome panel to boost your experience. A combination of usable pixel density, the size and of course the refresh rate should be the benchmark of all you want to do with your device. For example; great reading experience goes in tantum with enough pixels to produce crisp text and a higher refresh rate should guarantee a soother experience when playing games.

Best under Ksh.20,000 phones with an awesome display panel available in Kenya in 2020

Our soft spot for a smartphone screen is 1440p resolution, but something beyond 1080p on a less than 6.5inch panel should be usable. We have therefore listed some of our best choices when it comes to handsets with an awesome panel you should seriously consider in 2020.

This is by far our best choice in the best display budget phones. It packs a stunningly FHD+ (1080×2340 pixels) 6.53inch panel and costs only Ksh.14,500. Although not as vibrant as AMOLED panels, but the resolution is something else, text is crispier and images just pop to your liking.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Slightly expensive than Redmi 9, but manages to pack the same number of pixels in a similarly sized panel. You can get the Redmi Note 9 for about Ksh.19,500 from some online stores which barely meets our cutoff price.  


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