Samsung Galaxy buds live, here is what you need to know before buying and price in Kenya

There are many motivations as to why someone would consider buying Samsung’s latest earbuds; perhaps it could be because of their unique bean-shaped design or maybe, just want to have everything within Samsung’s ecosystem. Personally, I haven’t been keen to get them just yet, I’m kind of satisfied with affordable alternatives we have right now from the likes of Xiaomi. Since Apple unveiled the air pods, we’ve had almost the same design from various manufacturers year-over-year. Thanks to Samsung, we can at least experience something slightly different.  

Why someone would consider buying the Galaxy buds

Unique bean-shaped design

As I stated from the beginning of this editorial, we all have varying reasons why we choose to buy something, and the same case is true for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. If you’re that kind of a guy who likes to stand-out from the crowd, then this could be a very interesting opportunity to shine once more, but for those of us who have a tighter budget and don’t necessarily care what everyone else thinks, there’s a good number of alternatives that might just be perfect for your daily use.

Unlike mainstream inner-ear headphones which look alike unless placed side by side, Samsung has somehow managed to stray away from the design and still produced headphones that are worth considering. I’m not sure if it’s the shape or color or a combination of both that somehow makes them look cooler placed side-by-side with Airpods.

It goes without saying these earbuds are pretty tiny, they’ll most likely fit in your ears to the extend someone will actually have to look to notice they’re in there.

Active noise cancellation

This could be a mainstream feature in 2020 but it’s important to notice noise cancellation tech from Samsung which on most occasions has been on point. Early reviewers have so far been impressed by the tech and considering their size, I think Samsung must have done a pretty darn good job.

Easy repairability

I don’t know if this should motivate someone in buying them but according to iFixit who tore the buds revealing components, there are a few items that can be swapped out easily in case you ever need to change them. For example, they’re powered by a rechargeable battery that is readily available online in case you need them replaced.

On the other hand, the wireless charging case packs a 1.81Wh battery, which is considerably larger than batteries found in the wireless charging cases for the older Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+. In addition, the teardown reveals that most of the internal components are relatively modular and can be replaced independently.

Price in Kenya: we expect them to cost anywhere between Ksh. 15,000 and Ksh. 20,000


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