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Pay TV service providers in Kenya with Maisha Magic and respective channel numbers

Maisha Magic East and Magic Plus channels are obviously one of the most desired channels to watch with thrilling local as well as international content here in Kenya. I’ve been getting numerous requests from friends as well as colleagues on whether the channels are available on all Pay TV providers here in Kenya; sadly, there are just a few providers who have it onboard and on specific packages.

Both channels are owned by M-Net and prides themselves to showcase some of the best content in East Africa within the general entertainment genre. This includes local dramas, series, comedy, lifestyle, reality shows, telenovellas as well as music. If you have any of them on your subscription, you should enjoy a 24-hour entertainment in some of East Africa’s amazing content.

 As I’ve indicated earlier on, Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Plus are only available on select Pay TV providers in the country; sadly, you won’t find it on Zuku, StarTimes, Bamba and other providers except for Mutichoice owned Dstv and GOtv.

Dstv Kenya packages with Maisha Magic Plus and Channel numbers;

Packages: DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact DStv

Channel Number: 163

Dstv Kenya packages with Maisha Magic East and Channel numbers;

Packages: DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact DStv, Dstv Access and Dstv Family

Channel Number: 158


Maisha Magic East is available on GOtv on channel number: 4


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