Xiaomi on an innovative venture to store your earbuds inside your smartphone

How about storing those tiny earbuds inside your very own smartphone rather than a separate charging box, couldn’t that be revolutionary? Xiaomi is apparently on a mission to explore this possibility, where you won’t have a separate storage box but instead shove those earbuds inside your phone once you’re done using them, the same way some manufacturers have implemented storage of stylus. Its an innovative thinking that might just spare us the headache of moving around with separate headset cases.

Looking back at history, Xiaomi has never shied from complex smartphone designs, but the latest rumors if they ever materialize might just be one of those things that actually stretches the limits. From reports we have; the phone manufacturer has apparently patented the possibility of smartphones carrying wireless earbuds. According to a Dutch publication LetsGoDigital, which drew inspirations from patents filed in China and Netherlands, they’ve come up with a render of just how the device might look like


From the patents, earbuds will find home at the top of smartphones with the heads of the earbuds facing upwards, this is particularly interesting because earbuds in turn might actually act as the phones loudspeakers as well. While it might be a concern to some on just how hygienic the buds will fare given they’ll be exposed to hands, its hands down something we actually need to relate and imagine the possibilities.

There are also a couple of hinderances Xiaomi might need to overcome such as the space taken by buds, this might limit the overall space available to fit the battery and the phone’s thickness might need to be a turd thicker. If the current trend is anything to go by, manufacturers are doing away with some components such a headphone jack just to give room to a larger battery and the latest developments might under-pin that.


But looking on the brighter side, there are obviously some advantages that might resonate with most of us especially those who like throwing their earbuds at all sorts of corners. Unless you forget your phone, you’d mostly have them wherever you go. In addition, you won’t have to keep up with carrying separate components, which might also spare some room in your bags or pockets.


As much as we’re fancied by this possibility, it remains unclear whether Xiaomi will go through with it and if yes after how long. Wireless buds still occupy a substantial space in our pockets and any innovation toward reducing that is welcomed.


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