Sony’s PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way to Windows PC

One of Sony’s PS4 coveted titles – Horizon Zero Dawn is finally making its way to windows PC gamers, the video game which is currently rated amongst top titles on the PS4 platform has been a prized exclusive on the platform for a while. We also received a hint from our earlier editorial that the video Game would most likely be supported on the next iteration of PlayStation – PS5 when it becomes available later in the year.

While its exact debut to windows platform has since been unclear, we now have a clear picture of when this is supposed to happen. For those of us with gaming capable PC rigs and have been longing for a day to experience the video game on their hardware, looks like that time is just about to happen – at least on 7th of August from our credible sources. However; if you can’t hold any longer, the game is available for pre-purchase before the release date at steam for $49.99  which translates to about Ksh. 5,000.

We also got a glimpse of the trailer for the complete version of the game released by the developer – Guerilla Games which also plans a debut on the PlayStation 5. From the trailer, Horizon Zero Dawn is set to receive a makeover with a number of features slated to debut on the PC version that include an unlocked framerate, dynamic foliage, deep graphics customization settings, ultrawide display support, improved reflections, as well as expanded controller options.

Earlier this year, head of PlayStation worldwide studios Hermen Hulst confirmed the intended port to PC as a way to bringing more people to the Game which had since run exclusively on the PS. In his statement, Hulst said the developer stayed open to new ideas and show people what they’ve been missing.

In June, when Sony announced the next iteration of PS, Guerrilla revealed its anticipated sequel of PlayStation 5 dubbed Horizon Forbidden West.


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