Safaricom unveils Neon Ray Pro (Go Edition) at Ksh.20 daily through Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

Khs.20 a day smartphone! And yes, you heard it right, Safaricom has finally unveiled its much anticipated Lipa mdogo mdogo program that’s been touted as first of its kind in the world. In the latest initiative, Safaricom and Google seeks to bring more than a million unconnected subscribers to 4G technology. Customers will walk away with a 4G capable Safaricom Neon Ray Pro (android Go edition) smartphone for just Ksh 20 bob a day. The offer which was expected to kick off sometime towards the end of June but rescheduled for some reason is now live at the Telco’s outlets across the country and customers can easily access by just dialing *544# and selecting Lipa Mdogo Mdogo.

A few weeks ago, we reported plans by Kenya’s largest mobile service provider to unveil an initiative similar to that of KCB dubbed Beba Sasa Lipa Polepole that would see Kenyans own a smartphone with a minimal initial cost. In the latest venture which is credited from the partnership forged between Safaricom and Google, the two renown tech giants in their respective niche’s hopes to bring 4G speeds to the masses by offering devices at prices that common Kenyans can comfortably manage. With a minimal initial investment of Ksh.20, Kenyans who have lacked behind due to inaccessibility to capable handsets will now join the rest to enjoy the goodness of android OS at Safaricom’s 4G speeds.

Speaking on the device launch, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said they were thrilled to unveil first of its kind initiative that would strive to bring unconnected masses to 4G internet. Ndegwa said the success of internet access in the country was hinged on a stable connection, he said the company was committed to ensuring 4G access across the country.

Ndegwa acknowledge how 4G enabled devices have allowed vendors to trade competitively online where mama ‘mbogas’ can send images of their products to consumers and other vendors can access vast market for their products.

Safaricom Neon Ray Pro (Android Go edition) Specifications

  • 5.5-inch screen
  • 5MP + 5MP rear and selfie cameras
  • 1GB RAM 16GB internal
  • Android Go Edition

Once you’ve paid for 7 days you get youtube bundles for free. Safaricom Neon Ray Pro comes with Lipa Mdogo Mdogo app that disconnects when no payment is made and you can select from various financing options such as daily or weekly.

Qualifications for Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

  • Regular Safaricom user
  • At least more than 1 year on the Safaricom network
  • Must have been on a 2G device
  • At least above 18 years old

How much it costs: Ksh.1000 initial deposit and consequently pay Ksh.20 per day



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