Infinix Note 7, what you need to know before buying and price in Kenya

Gone are the days when phones had to accommodate some form of bezels that would house all vitals needed to function properly like a proximity sensor, selfie camera and so on at least until the notch era premiered. But as expected with any form of tech, things tend to move really fast and you might think you are up to date until you meet someone who knocks you off with the latest and greatest. The Infinix Note 7 doesn’t have the best in the industry, but at least it packs the best in its respective niche, you might really want to look again before dismissing it altogether.

I’m not saying you go and get the device, neither I’m I putting it under the rag for lacking what some would say flagship-level tech; it’s just that when you have an eye for such a device, there are a couple of reasons that must have driven you there. To bring the point home, I’ll compare such as decision with those tedious questionnaires most of us have to fill with regards to proficiency in a certain language when applying for a job. You’d be told to choose something like novice, intermediate, advanced and superior. Deciding between advanced and superior might confuse you even more, but those who end up selecting novice or intermediate have a clear understanding on where they fall.

Design and Display

Before I divulged into the niche stuff and who the Infinix Note 7 is best suited, I talked about how we moved away from bezels to the notch era. The Note 7 goes even further with a punch-hole selfie camera, something that’s slowly rolling to the masses but was previously regarded a flagship only arena. The display panel from the outside is perfect, you’d have to power the device on and put it close to a pixel dense handset like the Redmi Note 9 series to detect flaws. Otherwise, you’d still be impressed with it’s 6.95 inches IPS panel that packs a 720 by 1640 pixels resolution. The design looks marvelous except for the material used with somewhat unique circled rear quad camera setup; we’d be haters if we didn’t mention the overall glorious design that most of us will find usable.


The internals are a feat, especially if you’re spending Ksh. 18,000 on the device. Our model which is the base model comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage. This is somewhat at par with the rest of the group, but we’d have loved if the company considered more RAM as the 4GB benchmark was discarded several years ago.

If you’re on the market for a gaming phone, one that’s capable for cruising through the likes of fortnite at exceptional frame rates then unfortunately this isn’t a phone you’ll rejoice in. But for those who are curious on how long their devices should last and want the largest capacity available, the Infinix Note 7’s 5000mAh battery should be enough to pull a full day without having to hook a charger.


The Infinix Note 7 just like any device out there has it’s own niche, there’s no point of hating if it misses a couple of your priorities; after all, there are a ton of us who will find solace in the handset. for Ksh. 18,000 you can get the base model here in Kenya that’ll probably oblige with your needs. But if you can’t settle for anything less, there’s plenty of alternatives that should be on your list.  


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