Huawei to reward customers with discounted prices on devices and accessories for the next two weeks

Huawei Mobile Kenya has unveiled a shopping reward scheme that seeks to offer phone accessories to its customers at a discounted rate. The program is slated to run for the next two weeks and will discount prices on various devices as well as accessories.

Some of the products that will have costs cut for the duration is the Huawei GT2 which will instead cost Ksh. 19,999 for the female smartwatches while male smartwatches will cost Ksh. 25,999. In addition, customers will have a chance to walk away with recently announced Huawei Freebuds 3 for only Ksh. 16,499. The Freebuds 3 featured in our recent editorial that pitted best wireless earbuds you can buy in Kenya for less than Ksh. 30,000.

The offer is set to go live in current Huawei Experience stores at Sarit Center and The Village Market. Customers looking to own recently announced Huawei Y-series handsets including the Huawei Y8p, Huawei Y7p, and Huawei Y6p will also get discounts on their purchases.

Speaking on the festival, Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Head Jim Zhujie said the company was delighted to kick off the festival being a first one in the market as part of Huawei’s strategy to increase its footprint in the market. Zhujie further said they’ve tried their best in the last couple of months to accommodate various segments in the market.

Recently announced Huawei Y8p and Huawei Y6p will be sold bundled with free gifts as well. During the festival period, customers will be required to pay Ksh. 24,999 for the Huawei Y8p plus a free gift bundle, Ksh. 18,999 for the Huawei Y7p including a free 64GB MicroSD card and Ksh. 14,999 for Y6p that will come bundled with free gifts as well.

How to order Huawei products via provided numbers

Interestingly, customers can order Huawei products via their mobile phones, this is especially important during this period that most Kenyans have been urged to exercise social distancing.

As indicated by Huawei, customers can also order via the following number +254722988893 or +254785329647.” Zhujie concluded by acknowledging that current devices as well as other Y-series handsets had revolutionized the mid-range segment by introducing devices that are not only affordable but also packed with premium features.  


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