Haraka Haraka app aims to link customers and service providers within a specified range

Former Meru University science and technology students have unveiled Haraka Haraka app aiming to connect Kenyans with reliable service providers within a specified range. The platform will enable customers access providers within their current location making it easier for users to access services such as plumbers, retailers even shops as well as house agents.

Commenting on the development, the Haraka Haraka team which includes Mr. Kelvin Muinde, Mr. Pius Momanyi Nyachio, and Mrs. Naum Mutie said there are currently about 3,500 users who are potential clients and service providers on the platform who include carpenters, hairdressers, plumbers and mechanics and more.

Momanyi Nyachio, the marketing manager said they were taking away the burden of looking for experienced and reliable professional businesses from customers in a hassle-free model to deliver critical services to individuals who are in need at their specific location.

Mr. Kelvin Muinde, who is the head of the project, said the idea to start Haraka Haraka was initiated out of his observance of people having difficulty in finding a reliable service in an area that they are not well conversant with.

Muinde further said the biggest challenge customers faced was finding the right service providers in any area, mostly if they are not familiar, most people end up getting poor services that cost them time and resources.

Users who want to be listed as service providers or agents will need to download the application from the Google Play Store and register where later one can choose a range between 100m to 30km to find the service they require.

The app also comes with the option of reviewing and rating a service provider which acts as an advantage to next service seekers enabling easy referrals to new clients.

‘’The registration to the app is free for both users and professionals,’’ said Mr. Kelvin Muinde. The company aims to hit 10,000 users by the end of this year. Ideally, they plan to have a maximum of 30,000 professionals on the platform.


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