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Faiba’s 4G Wonder phone costs only Ksh3,000 and comes with Google Assistant onboard

Feature phones have had their share of handsets market for the longest time, at least until budget smartphones started encroaching on their territories with matching prices. But that’s not to say they don’t have a place in the current world; at least Faiba has found a way to keep them a float amidst diminishing trends. The latest Faiba 4G wonder feature phone probably won’t turn heads for someone shopping for a decent smartphone with either the android or iOS goodies onboard, the handset comes with KaiOS and will mostly appeal to Fibas customer base looking for a cheap way to connect to Fibas WiFi while working at home.

So, what exactly is KaiOS? Well in layman’s language, KaiOS just like android or iOS, is a mobile operating system based on Linux, the operating system as the name suggests was developed by Kai OS Technologies Limited, a US-based company. Android and iOS have pretty much locked up a huge chunk of the smartphone operating system market leaving feature phones in the gallows of history, but KaiOS seeks to revert that with release of feature phones running on its OS.

Faiba 4G wonder phone is packed with interesting features targeting its customer base such as free Faiba to Faiba calls and even accommodates the ability to use two separate SIM cards with dual SIM capability. Of course, there isn’t a direct competitor for this new entrant as the handset is targeting a specific niche that will find solace in its unique features.

As expected, the handset packs basic tech inside with a 4GB internal storage and 512MB system RAM driven by the KaiOS. The phone should appeal to those looking for the simplest way to connect to the internet or establish a hotspot WiFi while at home and be able to make calls.

Faiba 4G Wonder feature phone specifications

FM radio:Yes
Memory:4GB + 512MB
SIM:Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
WLAN:WiFi Hotspot



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