Zero transaction fees on all Equity bank’s mobile banking services and free meal deliveries from Glovo

Equity bank has joined other financial services in the country to encourage customers to utilize mobile banking technology while carrying out transactions from their accounts by waiving transaction fees at least until June 30th 2020. This comes as multiple financial institutions as well as the government are pushing for cashless transactions in the country to eliminate instances of people handling physical money during this period. The strategy is aimed at transactions that include but not limited to Equity to mobile transfers, e-wallet to bank transfers and so forth.

Equity bank’s mobile banking fees effective until June 30, 2020.

  1. All Equity to Equity Mobile bank transfers will now be FREE
  2. Bank to Mobile Wallet transfers will also be FREE
  3. Transfers from Mobile Wallet to Bank will as well be FREE
  4. Customer Payments using Equity Cards to be FREE
  5. Mobile payments for Bills, Utilities, Shopping, Fuel, etc. – FREE
  6. And mobile balance and limit enquiries – FREE

Processing of short term personal and microloans will now be processed digitally on mobile, internet and credit cards. In addition, customers will get pre-marked credit limits for personal and micro customers for easy and automatic access for existing account holders by 31st March 2020

Kenyans wishing to open an account with equity bank will also be able to do so online, and can manage their accounts via the bank’s mobile banking app or through web. For current customers with existing loan facilities that require accommodation during this period are encouraged to engage Equity through contact centre (0763 063 000), on email or speak to Branch Managers and/or Relationship Managers.

Equity bank customers to get discounts on take-away meals from Pete’s Café outlets located in Nairobi

To eased the burden posed by current economic situations, customers from equity bank will get 10 percent discount on any purchases made from the Pete’s Café using equity card or free deliveries via Glovo. The offer which runs up until 30th June will see the financial institution’s customers benefit from the following

  • Placing meal orders with any Equity Card entitles customers to a free delivery via Glovo.
  • While Walk-in for takeout paid with any Equity Card entitles to a 10% discount.

The financial institution continues to innovate in various sectors utilizing technologies available to ease the processes of performing transactions. Currently, equity bank is the only known institution that provides customers with the ability to link their accounts and accept cash via PayPal.


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