KCA University partners with Telkom Kenya to Purchase “soma na Telkom” data bundles for students

Students from the KCA University are poised to receive data bundles from the institution in a bid to continue with studies after adopting remote engagement system to ensure continuity in learning and teaching across all its campuses. The digital learning initiative will be offered in partnership with state telecommunications services provider Telkom Kenya to enable all students at different places in the country access internet.

Speaking on the initiative, KCA university’s communication officer Isaiah Were said the move was necessitated to ensure learning and teaching processes continue uninterrupted, and will be offering its students with bundles courtesy of “soma na Telkom” data bundles for students. Eligible students are those who are registered for January- April trimester.

Students from the learning institution will get SIM cards loaded with 10GB of data bundles fully paid for by the University for studies and exams. KCA is among several institution in the country that suspended all campus-based learning activities heeding to the government’s call for social distancing. Several learning institutions have now opted for online learning in a bid to maintain their revenue streams.

According to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Noah Midamba, the institution is still in negotiations with service providers for subsidized internet bundles for students for the May-August 2020 semester. He also quelled fears from the students indicating the university’s Board of Trustees, management council and staff were dedicated to supporting their education by finding ways of reducing the negative impacts current situations to ensure they meet their goals of completing university education.


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