How to apply and get approved for a Stawi Loan for small and medium enterprises

By now most Kenyans must be wondering which loan apps are truly genuine and intended to expand their financial needs from those that are business oriented. Well the above statement will remain lingering around for some time, but at least we can gauge some of them from how they are managed and their primary source. For a start, we can never be so hopeful after the Kenyan Central bank entered the fray with a mobile loan facility dubbed ‘Stawi’ focusing on the small and medium scale enterprises. The Stawi Loan facility has been made possible courtesy of five commercial banks; that is the Commercial Bank of Africa, Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank and MC Group Limited.

The Stawi Loan facility is targeting small and medium scale enterprises by enhancing their access to a credit facility which might have not been available to them through normal formal schemes. Though the scheme is only in its pilot phase, it presents us with some of innovative technology inventions in the informal financial sector by encouraging small and medium sized enterprises to access credit despite the informal nature of their businesses. Kenya’s economy is driven by the Juakali sector which also is the largest employer in the country even though it lacks access to important loan facilities from banks that demand financial records, security and collateral for loan consideration.

How Stawi loan app is managed

While launching the loan facility, Central Bank of Kenya Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge said the facility would initially by accessible from five banks including Diamond Trust Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, MC Group Limited, Commercial Bank of Africa and Cooperative Bank of Kenya. Customers can access the loan facility through a mobile phone application currently available on the google play store. After a successful loan application through the Stawi Loan App, the loan amount will then be credited in the customer’s wallet. Customers can access Stawi loans from Ksh30,000 up to Ksh250,000 with a repayment plan of 1 to 12 months at an interest rate of 9 percent per annum. Customers will then be scored and advised of their credit limit and will be eligible for a top up loan if they’ve repaid at least 80% of their current loan.  

During the launch event at Gikomba market, CBK Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge said the facility became necessary to cater for the unique financing needs of small and medium sized enterprises. He noted that the sector is key to Kenya’s economy and the product couldn’t have been unveiled at a more opportune time. He also added that until now, offering credit to these businesses had been hindered by lack of reliable information to ascertain their creditworthiness. Stawi’s innovation will therefore utilize on the customer to fill up the gap, he continued.

How to register for the Stawi Loan Facility

Unlike most android based loan apps, Stawi loan app registration has been simplified and does not involve the ambiguity seen in former apps. All you have to do is follow below simple steps;

  • Download Stawi app from the google play store here on your android device
  • Click on “OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT” to register
  • Provide your mobile phone number
  • Then either of the following; Kenyan Identification number (ID), valid Kenyan passport number, alien ID
  • Enter your valid business permit/license followed by,
  • A valid email address
  • You’ll receive a text notification confirming your registration

How to reset Stawi loan app PIN

Just incase you forget your Stawi account PIN, while in the app menu items,

  • Select “FORGOT PIN
  • Enter the details you provided during registration and preferred new PIN then click on “NEXT
  • A onetime four-digit password will be sent to your number
  • Click on “VERIFY” and new login pin will be reset successfully.

How to request/apply for a Stawi Loan

  • Login into the Stawi app with your credentials
  • From the menu items, select “MY LOAN
  • Then click on “REQUEST LOAN” then proceed
  • Accept the loan offer to facilitate disbursement otherwise disbursement will not be done.

How to Repay Stawi loan

  • Login into the Stawi app with your credentials
  • From the menu items, select “MANAGE
  • Then click on “MY STAWI ACCOUNT” then Click on “PAY LOAN” then proceed
  • Enter the repayment amount and then complete the payment.


  1. I need loan please /, till now my app is not going throw, I started trying from yesterday , what is wrong please??

  2. After registration I try to log into my account then an error message appears saying they are still setting up my’s two days now

  3. Spending a lot of bundles to this app and no verification pin,disturbing ladies at Gikomba market,why can’t you send someone to help us how to go through with it plz.

    • What is it all about my application is not even opening. Constantly asking for code. Where is this code?

  4. Hi I was given loan limit ND i was told to wait for activation code nd I have been waiting until now.plz here out we are confused coz each person has his own theory.plz help

  5. Comment:my problem is date of birth I wrote correctly but when I press next it can’t go on to the next step it always stick there

  6. i registered like 2 weeks ago but whenever i try to sign in am tole my registration is pending activation asking for my activation code sent to my email.unfortunately i have never received any code.kindly assist.

  7. OK a nice one do you mean one can’t access it f they don’t have business licence my business mitumba (

  8. I. have applied for the loan since last week and the applicatin did not plz help me getting the loan

  9. Comment:l cleared my loan early to qualify for higher limit but it doesn’t reflect in my app. it is past 1


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