The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) Applications Are Now Open, here is How to Apply online


The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project aims to empower and uplift the well-being of unemployed youths in Kenya who have basic level of education either high school, primary or never been to school by equipping them with essential training, internship and business grant opportunities. This project caters for youths aged between 18 to 29 by giving them opportunities to attain various skills training and get entrepreneurship support.

Unemployment is a major menace that’s been bedeviling young people in Kenya who find it difficult to survive in a cut throat economy that only favors the rich, the situation is even worsened by lack of exposure in a country in which almost every employer requires an experienced employee.

Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project Training Areas

The project consists of various categories that favor those with formal technical training; which include a bunch of courses such as Information Communications Technology, Catering, Fashion Design, Hairdressing, Solar PV Technology, Welding, Dressmaking, Plumbing, Mechanical Operations and Oil Pipeline Operation.

Other opportunities include those interested in Baking, Painting and Decorations, Plant Operation, Electricals, Horticulture, Waste Management, Mechanics, Beauty Therapy, Firefighting, carpentry and Food Processing. In addition, youths can as well choose to be trained by master craftsmen in areas of event planning, bead making, weaving, Agribusiness, Welding and metal fabrication, handicrafts and woodwork.

Youths can also engage in mechanics, hairdressing, Agro-processing, cleaning services, leather work, shoemaking, panel beating and spraying, dressmaking, landscaping, photography, fashion design, painting and catering.

How to apply for the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) Vacancies

Youths can apply for this project online at as long as they meet below criteria;

Requirements for Applicants

  • Of course the first requirement if for you to be considered youth preferably aged between 18 to 29 years.
  • Must have an ID (a Kenyan citizen).
  • Should be able to provide proof of education level reached i.e. Form Four certificate.
  • Currently Unemployed.
  • Applications must be within advertised period i.e Cycle 3 applications are ongoing until February 4th 2019


  1. Am Kenyan citizen,itrained as a fashion designer and dressmaking,in this project can I get an opportunity to work with you as trainer to our youths,am from nyandarua county, where this trainings don’t exist, please consider me,want to help our youths


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