KCB M-pesa Customers Can Now Top Up their Loans and Rollover Loan Repayment Period to Up to 60 days

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KCB M-Pesa customers can now top-up their loans by borrowing several times within the credit limit assigned to them without having to first clear outstanding balances. Assuming you have a credit limit of Ksh.5000, and currently servicing an existing KCB M-Pesa loan of Ksh.2000, you can now borrow up to Ksh.3000 without having to first clear the initial loan as required before. This is now possible after an upgrade to the old KCB M-Pesa system where borrowers could only take another loan after clearing the outstanding balances.

According to KCB, the upgrade has also enabled users to rollover their loans to the next month, a feature that was missing on the old KCB M-Pesa platform. Basically what this means is; instead of being limited to 30days, In the event that your loan is not repaid in full within thirty (30)days, your loan will be automatically rolled over together with any outstanding amount in respect of the principal, interest and negotiation fees. This shall continue to be the case until all amounts owed are fully repaid. However, In the event that you do not repay the loan in full within sixty (60) days from the date when the loan was first granted, you will be liable to pay a late repayment penalty fee of 10% of any outstanding principal, interest, negotiation fees and any other fees payable under the KCB M-PESA.

“We are continually re-imagining digital finance. There is need for us to embrace innovation and digitization beyond our current realm of operations,” said KCB Group chief executive Joshua Oigara.

How to Rollover KCB M-Pesa Loan Repayment Period to Up to 60

  • As indicated above, all you need to do is ensure you do not exceed 60 days from the date when the loan was first granted.

KCB has also unveiled a holiday season promotion that will see Loans borrowed and repaid within the same day via KCB M-Pesa attract a zero(0) percent interest. Meaning if you borrowed Ksh.10,000 and repaid within the same day, you wouldn’t pay any additional charges but the exact amount Ksh.10,000. This promo will run between 18th Dec 2018 and Jan 17th 2018.  


  1. I borrowed a loan of Ksh 15000 from Kcb MPESA failed to pay on the 30th thus rolled over to the nezr essays.

    I paid all the debt after 4days and all the cost incurred as indicated .I received a confirmation Sms that all your debt is fully paid.

    I requested another loan but denied. What is the reason of denying me a loan ?

  2. Am a customer to kcb mpesa for along time,av been borrowing With them and paying back within a period of 30days.this time I paid late with only 2weeks with aroleover of one month interest.BT they have decided to decline my loan.av really felt bad and failed to don’t understand their terms n conditions. Plz help me know way forward

  3. Have been a kcb customer for a long time, ve paid my loan on time, this time I was late by only one week of which I paid my loan with a rollover of one month interest. My loan application is now rejected due to current lasting. I really felt bad and don’t understand. Plz clarify to me for I’m really sad

  4. Waao thus good and very advantageous to the kcb mpesa customers because they will have time to repay their loans but what i can request from you is to consider the amount one borrows for him/her to repay try and talk to them for them to be able to benefit from that loan because that loan is useful

  5. Dear , you have an existing loan of KES 6244. Please repay this loan to enable you borrow again.
    What is roll over?


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