How Civil Servants and Kenyan Government Employees Can Download their Pay Slips from the GHRIS Portal

Officially known as the Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS), is an online portal for Kenyan civil servants and Government employees designed to equip them with human resources related information from any corners of the country. The portal is said to have been developed in house in collaboration with various government agencies and aims to carter for most civil servants and Government officers ranging from military officers, policemen, teachers, medical employees as well as county employees.

Instead of traditionally queuing at government offices to get important documents related to Human Resources such as pay slips, users can now easily login to the portal and download these documents in minutes. In its own merit, the Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) has basically increased efficiency and convenience since employees can access it from just about anywhere in the country as long as there’s internet.

How Government and county employees including police officers, teachers, military officers, nurses/doctors can download their pay slips from the GHRIS;

To use the portal, employees first need to register and the following details are prerequisite;

  1. Kenya Revenue PIN Number
  2. Personal Number
  3. Kenya National Identification Number
  4. Mobile Phone Number
  5. An Email address
  6. Surname and First Name
  • If you’ve got all the necessary details as stated above, you may now proceed with registration by following below steps
  1. Head over to the Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) website at and be sure to click on “Government of Kenya” icon located at the top left corner
  2. You’ll be presented with the login page. If you’ve already registered, you may proceed with logging in. Otherwise choose “New to GHRIS” to register
  3. Provide all the required information such as KRA PIN, Email, ID No and so forth. Be sure to enter N/A for details that are irrelevant to your case
  4. The ministry should validate provided information after which you’ll be granted access

How to download Pay Slips from the Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS)

Select the year and month of the Pay Slip you intent to download then click on “View Payslip” and proceed to download.


  1. All efforts to use the system have been unsuccessful for weeks now. It keeps on sending privacy alert messages.

  2. You people need to address once and for all, this issue on ghris. From January to December it can’t load ? It’s such a disgrace


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