DStv and GoTV mobile services to be discontinued starting September 1st 2018

MultiChoice Kenya customers utilizing its DStv and GoTV mobile services will no longer access the service starting this coming September. The company cited various reasons including the fast-changing technology in the broadcasting sector and growing internet penetration. Tremendous growth currently witnessed in the unlimited fibre internet connectivity among Kenyan households, has put more pressure on traditional pay TV providers; since most can now opt to use online streaming services that are often better quality and cheaper in comparison.

Kenyans can now subscribe to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services to access latest TV shows and movies in high resolution, something traditional providers have struggled to achieve. On Monday, MultiChoice Kenya started notifying its customers, the company said its DStv and GoTV mobile service which was unveiled way back in 2011 here in Kenya, will be unavailable starting September 1.

Commonly referred to as DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld), the service was originally intended for middle-class subscribers who wanted all-day access to its programs. As an alternative, customers will now be required to access content on-the-go through MultiChoice Kenya’s DStv Now app, which is currently available to its subscribers.

Taking a step back, MultiChoice was amongst the first service providers to pioneer mobile broadcast technology to mobile phones. However, as result of advancement in technology, streaming of audiovisual content to multiple devices (eg smartphones, tablets, laptops) has become more attractive,” said MultiChoice in a statement.

“DVB-H-based mobile TV broadcasting, along with the range of devices used to access this technology, have reached their end of life. The DStv Mobile and GOtv Mobile TV Service will therefore end on Saturday September 1.”

MultiChoice Kenya’s first mobile product relied on internet connection from telephony operators before the company later introduced a once popular mobile broadcast gadget – the DStv Drifta which converted DVB-H signal into Wi-Fi for mobile devices. The Drifta cut subscriber reliance on data from telephony operators and also allowed DStv and Go-tv mobile subscribers to access multiple channels.



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