Pambazuka National Lottery Suspends Operations in Kenya in wake of higher taxes imposed by Kenyan government

Pambazuka National Lottery has today suspended its business operations in Kenya. This has been occasioned by the current taxation regime. Prior to January, 2018, operations have been based on a 55% pay-out and the imposition of a 25% tax devoted to charity as per regulations.

The effect of the 35% tax on all tickets sales is that the total cost of operation rises to 115%. This is before the deduction of all operational costs. Operating any lottery under this framework is not possible and therefore business operations are forced to close.

Following the successful completion of the Pambazuka National Lottery live draw tonight, Sunday 7th January 2018 at 7.30pm, all operations will cease until a sustainable regulatory framework is in place for the lottery industry.

Pambazuka National Lottery assures that all prize claims after the 7th January 2018 draw will be paid out to winners directly or from the company offices until 7th April 2018.

Pambazuka National Lottery wishes to thank all its customers, partners, suppliers and employees for their continued support.


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