Google and Improbable Partner to help developers build vast online game worlds

The New Year is here with us already, and as a tech-blogger, I’m excited and anxiously waiting to see what it has to offer. Honestly, I wouldn’t call myself an enthusiastic gamer, but I’ve got just enough love that last year’s big names in the gaming sphere like Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run were enough to send electric jolts through my rather conservative nerves. I like taking the back-seat and only try-out new games when everyone around insists. Buddies close to me are mostly gamers; but not everyone, a sizable number are developers too, and it’s hard when surrounded by this pool of friends to ignore some exciting news in the gaming segment. Personally, I’m not very keen not to miss out on some really amazing games, but I’ve got friends who are hooked all the way and they like to test anything from Angry Birds to trendy casino games.

Some exciting news for online game developers towards the end of last year, saw Improbable and Google take the developer’s experience a notch higher, especially those who rely on Improbable’s SpatialOS software. I’d say this is good news for both developers and gamers combined. Online game developers are bound to benefit from Google’s – Improbable partnership that will see them access, create; massive cloud-based simulations for online games, mobile devices and virtual reality projects. This can only mean lots of games as well as enhanced experience for gamers and gambles. Just imagine the future when all my gamer friends will play Super Mario Run or even online casino games on their couch using the latest VR technology resulted from this new partnership.

Improbable is a London based tech – firm that created SpatialOS software for the above task, while Google owns a massive cloud platform that will come-in handy for online based projects. Partnership of the two companies mean even more cost improvements and innovations.

According to Herman Narula – the CEO of Improbable, SpatialOS software “creates a distributed computing environment that allows games access the back-end infrastructure needed to create impossibly complex systems”, the software is now available to developers who create worlds that run on Google’s Cloud Platform and will enable simulations such of an entire city. The CEO disclosed this during an interview with GamesBeat – a segment on VentureBeat website that focuses on video games.

As a result of the new program, access to Improbable’s SpatialOS platform will be subsidized, hence encouraging innovation amongst game developers by availing them with Improbable’s world-building technology, powered by Google’s vast Cloud Platform. In addition, Improbable took the opportunity to unveil its Game Developer Open Alpha for SpatialOS. .

Last year was full of excitements as well as disappointments in the tech-world, it’s only fair to expect the same scenario this year. My bet is on the virtual reality segment where I expect more companies to join the fray. The partnership of Improbable and Google lays down the much needed platform for developers to build more exciting games.


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