EaseUS – The best data recovery software to recover your lost data

Technology advancement has certainly rendered traditional methods of data storage such as hard-copy printed papers almost redundant. And by almost, I mean of course there are still some areas that do still require these traditional methods; these include wall portraits etc. as a result, we now have more data in soft copy than ever before. Huge amounts of data can now reside on smaller powerful storage devices such as hard drives, flash disks and memory cards. Just a few years back, memory cards were limited to 16GB, but we now have manufactures introducing memory cards with as large capacity as 1 terabyte. What this essentially means is; we can now have an entire inventory of a business stored on a memory card, a hospital can have patients data stored on a hard drive rather than have a huge pile of hard copy files. Most of the data stored of such devices as we reckon, is very sensitive and vital to our wellbeing.

Unfortunately, as much as technology has advanced to the extent of these capabilities, data safety remains an issue that’s never guaranteed. You could lose years of business records within a blink, or important family photos saved generations after generations in an instant. For this reason, certain tools have been created to try and mitigate these risks from losing important data. In particular, EaseUS data recovery wizard does a commendable job. It actually guides you through the process of recovering data that would otherwise have been lost forever. Armed with capabilities to recover data from various storage media, EaseUS data recovery wizard can recover deleted/lost data from storage devices – ranging from internal hard drives, external hard drive, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phones to music players.

EaseUS recovery software has important features that’ll help in getting back your lost data, I have illustrated some of these features as below;

  • Applicable in different situations – it’s a sure tool to recover photos, documents, audio files lost due to deletion, formatting, partition loss, virus attack or system crash.
  • Deep and quick scan modes – deep scan ensures you get all lost data while quick scan mode ensures data is recovered fast.
  • Import and export results – to save time, you can easily resume recovery next time without re-scanning.

Depending on your needs, EaseUS data recovery wizard is available in different versions at varying costs; these includes, free version, Pro Version, Pro+WINPE Version and the Technician Version. So if you are lost data and looking for a free data recovery software, EaseUS data recovery wizard is your best companion.


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