Infinix Note 2 (X600) officially launches in the Kenyan market

Infinix mobility has unveiled its latest flagship offering in the Kenyan market, featuring a big 6-inch HD display panel alongside an improved long-life battery with faster charging capability. The flagship succeeds its predecessor – the Hot Note X551, which has been touted as the company’s best-selling in the country with an estimate of over half a million units sold since its launch early this year. The Note 2 x600 adds to the existing competition of high-end devices from Huawei and Tecno which have a comparatively affordable price tags.

 Speaking at the launch, Infinix Mobility’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Mr. Benjamin Jiang said the new Note 2 X600 device had been designed to meet the demands of Kenyan consumers, who are keen on optimizing productivity using smart devices as well as enjoying quality.  “Kenyan consumers are today more productive than before because they have defined the value of mobile technology and how smart devices can help them achieve more in their daily lives,” Jiang said. “We want to provide affordable, yet powerful devices, that will not only fulfil the aspirations of young people in Kenya, but also enhance their experience through new and innovative features,” he added. Jiang, noted that Kenya remains a key market for Infinix Mobility, owing to the country’s versatility and experience in mobile telephony.

Mr. Benjamin Jiang also acknowledged that since the company’s entry into this market, barely two years ago, there has been significant uptake of its products among Kenyan consumers, owing to its emphasis on quality, affordability and innovation.  And a result, Mr. Benjamin Jiang estimates the company’s market share to be 20 percent of the total handset sales despite controlling 80 percent of the online sales through e-commerce website.

“We have made deliberate investments in continuous Research and Development to enable us deliver quality products at the very minimal costs. Our factory-to-consumer (F2C) model of business also continues to further our goal of delivering a quality handset to the hands of every Kenyan,” Jiang explained. The Infinix Note 2 (X600) device comes in a sleek design with a 2-day battery life supported by a large capacity battery of 4040mAh. This is combined with a power saving software and energy-efficient design to significantly prolong the device’s battery life. Unlike most smartphone devices, the Infinix Note 2 (X600) device’s dual charging mode fully charges about 25 percent of the battery (an equivalent of 1000mAh) in 15 minutes; which in turn supports up to 8 hours of talk time on a 2G network and 6 and a half hours on 3G talking. Alternatively, sixty (60) minutes can charge up to 97 percent; whereas the battery will fully charge on 90 minutes.

Featuring a 5.98 inch display screen, Infinix Note 2 (X600) is a significant improvement on the previous model with a high screen–to-body ratio of 85.78 percent. A big screen offers users more space to experience various applications including streaming high quality videos (or even movies), reading e-books as well as playing games.

Aesthetically, the X600 device has a radian arc design with an elegant texture that gives users a perfect hand feeling. It comes in intricate patterns and bold colour combinations for personalized style and fashion. Similarly, the device has an upgraded 13Mega Pixel camera (from the previous 8MP camera on the Hot Note), which enables superior picture quality and faster focus to give users an opportunity to capture special moments. This is also complement by an internal memory of 16GB giving users more storage space


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