Airtel Kenya’s ‘Kopa internet’ Service lets you browse internet and pay later

We’ve all at some point used or seen someone utilize credit facilities offered by mobile service providers such as Okoa Jahazi that allows users to borrow airtime that can be used at that point and pay later. I wouldn’t say that I’m a big fan but most Kenyans find them convenient especially in urgent situations. Following suit was the ability to share Internet bundles with family members and friends; and guys, I can proudly admit I’ve been using this service for almost on a daily basis. In a rather interesting twist, Airtel Kenya has introduced Kopa internet – a service that will see subscribers request for internet bundles on credit and pay within 72 hours when they’ve got money, it’s a service that best suits individuals who run out of bundles while they still need to access internet but don’t have enough airtime to purchase. As interesting as it may sound, Kopa internet could become more popular than sharing internet considering accounts on which such situations arise.

Despite a reported 75 percent reduction in internet users in Kenya for the first quarter of 2013 according to statistics released by the communications commission of Kenya (CCK), increased adoption of smartphones in the country will see the trend embark on a positive curve. A decline in mobile subscription was blamed for the results owing to an aggressive campaign by CCK to have all subscribers registered. The move which locked-out persons without proper registration details and minors resulted in the decline from 78 percent mobile penetration to 75.8 percent.  However, mobile money services expanded within the same period by 10.1 percent to reach 23.3 million. The same period witnessed an increase in the data market to 9.6 million subscriptions with mobile based data uptake dominating the segment. By unveiling KopaNet therefore, it was an informed decision in my personal perspective given the potential and demand for the same.

How to get Internet Bundles on Credit using KopaNet from Airtel Kenya

Limitations of Kopa internet

  • Customers can borrow between 70mb and 2.5GB
  • Payment should be done within 72hours


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