Samsung Galaxy NX Android Camera Features

After the impressions we had on the galaxy zoom for being too much of a camera than a phone yet you’d still initiate and receive phone calls on it, Samsung just dropped yet another master piece to you’d equally think the other way-round. Samsung Galaxy NX Camera has all the top-range connectivity features you’d crave for; the image quality is considerably superb, and so are the 3G/4G LTE and WiFi connectivity radio hardware underneath. Amazingly, the Galaxy NX Camera has the same body design as that of Samsung NX Camera but with the awesomeness of android operating system, you’d say it’s a sequel to the mirror less series having android OS underneath. It brings out the ‘always connected’ feel, at least according to the manufacturer, but we’d still be happy with a couple of connectivity features considering its primary obligation.

We expected some similarities to already available Samsung devices which materialized in several instances, beyond the NX Camera’s housing and Android OS, the device has the same sensor as that of NX300 inclusive of all the hybrid features such as contrast/phase detection, auto-focus systems and the electronic view finder. However, you’d still have a choice of several fast or inexpensive lenses that makes it suitable for a variety of users depending on their budgets. Under the hood is an impressive 1.6GHz quad-core processor, I’d still be amazed with a dual-core chip which makes the Galaxy NX Camera as fast as it can possibly be. If that’s not enough, it’s supplemented with DRIMe imaging processor which provides speedier imaging processing than its older sibling – GC100 Galaxy Camera. Most of the design features such as a grip with a thumb rest on the back and hardware like a huge battery could as well be attributed to improvements on unpopular features from the Galaxy Camera.

Android powered cameras is a new concept we’re yet to rate its efficiency – but by open-sourcing the camera API, we’re as well short of clues on what possibly could be coming. And of course not everything on the Galaxy NX Camera impressed us; personally I’d prefer a smaller version that doesn’t use a MicroSD card especially in remote locations like under the battery. The device isn’t as light as we’d hoped for, so be ready to carry along some weight. I like the android interface and the capacitive touch input features, but I’d still use some physical controls especially when taking a shot.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Features/Specifications;

  • Operating System: Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System
  • Processor: 1.6GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • Display: 4.80inch (480×600 pixels) TFT Capacitive panel
  • Sensor: 20.3Megapixels effective Resolution, Video:1080p
  • Flash: Xenon Pop-Up Flash
  • Storage: 16GB Internal, 2GB RAM, MicroSD card Slot
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB, Bluetooth , WiFi
  • Internet: 3G HSPA, 4G LTE
  • Other ft: Hot shoe, 247 point contrast auto-focus, Image stabilization
  • Battery: Standard Lithium Ion 4360mAh

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Price in Kenya: Kshs.


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