Airtel Kenya’s unlimited Internet is back

A few months after Airtel terminated its unlimited data offer in favor of the ‘Blaze’ bundles, the service is back again; though with some major adjustments on areas that matter. It was the only remaining data offer which didn’t throttle data speeds on consumers deemed to over utilize the service, ‘Blaze’ which came in thereafter had subscribers get 0.75GB, 4GB and 7GB data expiring within a day, a week or a month respectively. Orange Kenya is the only other provider with an unlimited data service though capped at 64kbps after consumption of 100mb data.

  Their latest offer follows suit by limiting subscribers to 3GB, 15GB and 30GB on a daily, weekly or a monthly plan respectively after which speeds are limited to 128kbps. It will now cost more for the same service compared to three months ago where the daily plan will attract Ksh.250, Ksh.1300 for the weekly plan and Ksh.3500 for the monthly plan up from Ksh.200, Ksh.1000 and Kshs.3000 respectively.

On the other hand, Safaricom ended a similar service, blaming it on a few users who intern placed a bad experience for other data users.


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